State Aid Approval Process



Step 1:

Filing an investment/business plan with the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter “MoE”)

Step 2:

Formal assessment of the investment/business plan by the MoE and its submission to the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) for expert appraisal

Step 3:

If the SIEA appraisal is positive, the MoE issues a proposal to grant investment aid in favour of the Applicant and sends it to the providers of the relevant type of investment aid, i.e. the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, etc. for their comments

Step 4:

If the comments of the relevant providers for a proposal for granting of investment aid are positive, the MoE issues an offer to grant investment aid and send it to the Applicant

Step 5:

Submission of an application for the granting of investment aid by the Applicant based on the MoE’s offer

Step 6:

Approval of the application by MoE and the Slovak Government

Step 7:

If the investment projects are subject to notification to the European Commission, after application approval by the Slovak Government, the MoE requests the European Commission for an assessment of compatibility of the proposed investment aid with the internal market

Step 8:

Issuance of a decision by the MoE approving investment aid to the Applicant

Step 9:

Conclusion of implementation agreements between the Beneficiary and the relevant providers of direct aid

Step 10:

Submission of monitoring reports, the final investment report and reports on the utilization of the investment by the Beneficiary


For investment projects with eligible costs over the amount of EUR 200,000,000 specific approval procedure will be applied.


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