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A leading advisor in mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

In an age where digital transformation and sustainability dominate the business landscape, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) will continue to be the catalyst for businesses worldwide to accelerate their strategic objectives.

The complexities of conducting M&A deals have intensified over the years. Failure to understand the opportunities and challenges in such deals will lead to business disruption, and ultimately a destruction of value. Whichever stage you may be in your M&A journey, we can help you navigate the complexities of the deal-making environment to unlock strategic values.

We have served corporates, private equity firms and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions. As part of an Integrated Deals practice, we offer a full suite of deals services and solutions-integrated expertise from lead M&A advisory, financial and tax due diligence, valuation, deals strategy and post-deal specialists to support your decision to buy or sell.

Corporate Finance

Facilitate M&A transaction from preparation to signing and closing

Are you a founder, about to realise your entire life's work? Or a key executive putting your career on the line in a decision to acquire a company? 

No two M&A deals are the same, each M&A deal has its own set of intricacies and execution challenges. A successful deal involves the ability to anticipate and manage key deal issues and negotiate for what's at the core of your business objectives. Failing to act quickly will lead to the transaction being derailed or executed with negative implications.

With our extensive industry capabilities, global network reach, local market knowledge and proven track record in advising on domestic and cross-border deals, we will work with you and guide you through the complex deal issues you may encounter at every stage of the deal process. 

We are the #1 M&A Financial Advisor in APAC by deal volume in 2022, as ranked by Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Dealogic. Our international network of Corporate Finance advisors comprise a talented team of over 2,500 specialists operating in more than 60 territories.We can deploy our professionals whenever and wherever you are doing deals. 

How we can help you:

  • Buy-side M&A advisory: Acquisitions

  • Sell-side M&A advisory: Divestments and fundraising

How we can help in cross-border situations?

The Corporate Finance team develops and fosters relationships with our clients at both shareholder and senior management levels, helping us gain a solid understanding of our client's strategic priorities.

We help clients identify and evaluate potential acquisition targets, provide valuation advice, assist with negotiations, manage the due diligence process and assist with the procurement of acquisition finance. 


Divestments and capital raising

We advise on optimal sale and fundraising structures, identify and approach potential buyers/investors, prepare the necessary marketing materials, manage the due diligence process, provide valuation advice and assist with negotiations through to the completion of the transaction.


Recent deals

Explore recent deals we've worked on.

Recent deals

Transaction services

Giving financial due diligence its ‘due’ in every deal 

An insightful due diligence - whether for a buyer or vendor - is critical to a successful deal. Not knowing enough about the business and its value drivers will undermine your negotiation position and expose yourself to significant risks.

Do you know what the key value drivers are in your transaction? How do you ensure that these values are preserved when the deal is executed?

With our extensive due diligence experience and our data analytics skill sets, we can help you identify the critical issues and support you with argument points for negotiations. We analyse and validate the financial, operational, commercial and strategic assumptions, giving you peace of mind in knowing what arguments you have at hand. 

Whether you acquire, divest, or form a strategic alliance, our objective remains – ensuring that you get maximum returns on your deal.

How we can help you:

  • Buy side financial due diligence

  • Vendor financial due diligence or vendor assistance 

  • Financial diagnostics and position review 

  • Deals data & analytics 
  • SPA Accounting Advisory

Buy side financial due diligence

Planning an acquisition or merger? What are the few critical things that you must uncover and address before you sign the deal? 

How we can help you: 
  • Enhance your understanding of the target’s business and increase the likelihood of your deal achieving its objectives

  • Identify and understand critical success factors to make informed decisions

  • Highlight strengths that can be capitalised on or identify weaknesses which need to be overcome

  • Identify potential financial risks, with recommendations on how to protect your interest in your valuation and / or sales and purchase agreement

  • Understand trend of normalised earnings using a Quality of Earnings analysis, identify value levers through a Net Debt & Debt-like analysis and set a normalised working capital peg to ensure value optimisation

Vendor financial due diligence and vendor assistance

Planning a fundraising exercise? Or hoping to monetise by divesting a business segment or the entire company? 

How we can help you: 
  • Identify critical issues early, providing the option to "regroup and fix" outside the glare of public scrutiny 

  • Have greater control over the sale process, minimising business disruptions

  • Minimise the need for multiple buyers requiring substantial access for their own due diligence work

  • Provide buyers with higher degree of certainty over your business nature and cash flow characteristics. This aids in pricing decisions and enables you to assess the level of gearing required

  • Add credibility to figures and information provided in the sales memorandum

Financial diagnostics and position review 

Due diligence is not only limited to a transaction process. We can assist you in taking stock of your business before making any strategic decisions.

How we can help you:
  • Gain insights on the ‘current state’ of the business from a financial perspective

  • Understand the profitability trend, financial position, working capital and cash flows

  • Benchmark your performance against peers

  • Highlight any value critical issues and potential improvement areas

Deals data & analytics

Dealmaking in today’s data-fuelled business landscape means you have far more information to work with than ever before. But it’s the story behind the data that matters.

With the latest technology and analytics, a strong bench of analytical talent, and a global network that brings together deep local and industry-specific deal expertise, we can help you uncover insights and identify lasting value.

Learn more about our Data & analytics services.

SPA Accounting Advisory

Now that the due diligence is done, how do you ensure that all the financial findings and risks identified are adequately addressed in the transaction document? 

We can work with your lawyers to:

  • Suggest mechanisms and definitions that best reflect your position and purchase price expectations

  • Recommend safeguards to ensure your interest in the business is protected from signing to handover

We can help you evaluate the accounting implications of the mechanisms and safeguards implemented to your financials moving forward. 

Learn more on how we can help you when negotiating transaction documents.

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