PwC Trust Builders Challenge 2021

Rebuild trust in an environmental crisis

Bring on the challenge, virtually!

Bring on the challenge, virtually!

Excited? We are too. This year, our virtual Trust Builders Challenge is open to a wider group of students beyond borders. We are inviting teams from campuses in Malaysia, the UK and Australia to participate in the same Challenge.

Duration: 00:00:30

Why join?

The competition will challenge teams to showcase their critical thinking and business acumen by presenting a solution to rebuild trust in business. Sustainable business practices are demanded by investors, customers and the community at large. Reflecting these real business challenges, this year’s case will be anchored on environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Opportunities abound
Opportunities abound

This year’s challenge will be slightly different than previous years. Besides exciting prizes, we’ve also got workshops, networking and capability-building opportunities waiting for you.

It’s your challenge
It's your challenge

You and your team will be deciding on your own solutions. The challenge will test your problem solving skills, teamwork and persuasion skills, too!

A learning experience
Opportunities abound

Ultimately, we want this to be a good learning experience. We’ve handpicked mentors from within PwC and various industries to help guide you throughout this challenge.


PwC Trust Builders Challenge 2021 timeline

The situation

Invest Co, a private equity (PE) firm, is looking to pursue an investment opportunity with a whole foods startup, Full Meal. Full Meal’s philosophy has always been “to make sustainably-sourced food accessible to everyday people.” This has resonated well with the increasingly eco-conscious masses and propelled the company to expand their physical retail operations — in addition to an already thriving online marketplace — across the Asia Pacific region in the last two years.

During Invest Co’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) screening on Full Meal, the PE firm discovered that a number of Full Meal’s poultry suppliers practise industrial farming. Further enquiries with Full Meal’s management revealed that the team knew little about the farms the company was buying from, especially outside of their home market of Malaysia.


Your challenge


Laying the foundation

(submission stage)

Form a team of four (4). Get your thinking caps ready. Tell us how you would handle the situation with the objective of rebuilding trust with your key stakeholders. See the full submission requirements in the Challenge Terms & Conditions.


Building your case

(final stage)

Shortlisted teams will present their solutions in the form of a video submission. Get ready to answer questions, live, from our judges! Finals guidelines will be updated after 24 March, 2021.

What's in it for you?

Be sure to check out this page as well as PwC Malaysia’s social media pages for real-time updates on our prizes this year!

Form a group of four and submit your entries by 17 March 2021.

*Don't forget to read the Challenge terms and conditions!


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