Government and Public Sector

We work with governments to help them transform and deliver affordable, innovative services.

Stimulating the economy, globalisation, creating an innovative society. These are some of the challenges at the doorstep of our public sector organisations. Today, more than ever, the public sector needs to adjust to the complexities of dealing with uncertainty while staying relevant and delivering affordable services to the rakyat.

How we can help you

Our Government and Public Sector practice understands the needs of various government ministries and agencies.

We have grown with many of them, and have seen them through various stages of transformation and renewal.

We can tap on our experienced professionals in 157 countries for local insights and propose the best practices tailored to your needs.

The industry capabilities of our established global network can help you retool your organisation for the future.

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Our services

Issues and trends

  • Decreasing budgets and increased financial pressures
  • Increased competition for investments and talent
  • An expanded role for cities and local governments as a “Safety Net” for growth
  • Expectations for better service delivery
  • Urbanisation
  • Increasing emphasis on sustainability

Key service offering

  • Strategic planning and positioning for cities/ regions
  • Investment / talent attraction strategies
  • Municipal Services enhancement
  • Transformation of local government entities
  • Process improvement and financial management
  • Performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • Leadership and capacity development

Issues and trends

  • Budgetary constraints and public sector reform agenda
  • Citizen awareness and demand for tailored services
  • Changing demographics
  • Global competition for investment
  • Greater accountability and transparency

Key service offering

  • Strategy development
  • Transformation process management
  • eGovernment
  • Project design including Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Capacity building and change management
  • Government Process Reengineering (GPR)
  • Programme and project management
  • Bid Process, Risk & Technology management
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and impact evaluation

Issues and trends

  • Policy advice and evaluation
  • Public policy in the public sector and the private sector
  • Unique political nature policy advice
  • Creating a sustainable and relevant government to meet the needs of the citizens

Key service offering

  • Policy Advice services and evaluation*
  • Policy review
  • Agenda setting
  • Policy formation
  • Policy implementation

*advisory services delivered to public sector bodies to help them navigate the different stages of the public policy cycle

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Executive Chairman

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Mohd Arif Ibrahim

Government and Public Sector Leader

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