Government and Public Sector

We work with governments to help them transform and deliver affordable, innovative services.

Working with governments to deliver public sector reforms

We recognise that there is a sense of urgency for public sector institutions to adapt to the priorities set by the government in building a competitive nation and improving the well being of the people.

Under the mid-term review of the 11th Malaysia Plan, the government has identified six pillars to ensure quality, inclusive and sustainable growth in the long-term for the people to prosper.

New priorities and emphases of the mid-term review 11th Malaysia Plan, 2016-2020 

Our Services

In delivering the development priorities, public institutions will need to build capabilities and  channel resources effectively and efficiently towards accomplishing the vision.

Our team have a deep understanding of regulatory and economic conditions, with domestic and international expertise, to help public sector institutions deliver on a broad array of reforms set by the government.

We help public sector institutions deliver reforms at various levels


Review and develop
  • Board improvement programmes

  • Governance framework and practices

  • Management oversight and controls

  • Governance, risk and compliance culture
  • Enterprise risk management

  • Forensic investigation and fraud prevention

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Public Services

Policy review
  • Evaluate policy impact

  • Determine strategic priorities

  • Formulate development plans

  • Formulate regulatory framework and guidelines

  • Coordinate policy implementation


Institutional review
  • Evaluate institutional structure and function
  • Determine strategic priorities
  • Forumulate institutional framework and design
  • Support organisational and people change
  • Assess and develop human capital strategy


Service delivery
  • Align service delivery with strategic directions

  • Optimise operating processes and supply chain

  • Develop customer-centric operating models

  • Design performance measurement

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Finance management
  • Public sector accrual accounting conversion

  • Financial management and reporting

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Procurement management

  • Tax compliance and advisory
Corporate finance
  • Financial position review

  • Independent business review

  • Corporate restructuring

  • Acquisitions and divestment

  • Capital raising

  • Tax structuring and advisory


Capital project

  • Project feasibility and structuring

  • Financial modelling and analysis

  • Economics impact analysis

  • Fundraising advice

  • Tax structuring and advisory

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Digital capabilities
  • Customer experience

  • Big data and analytics

  • Digital trust and cybersecurity

  • Robotic process automation


Technology applications
  • IT strategy and enterprise architecture
  • IT function assessment and strategy
  • Enterprise applications (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Workday)
  • Project management and quality assurance
  • Driving transformation through the cloud

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