The Building Trust Awards

Recognising and celebrating companies that are making strides to build trust through their communications and interactions with stakeholders.


In 2019,


annual reports reviewed and benchmarked against the International Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework


publicly available digital conversations coded and analysed


employees surveyed on leadership trust


members of the public shared their trust perceptions of our 20 finalists online

Insights from the 2019 Building Trust Awards

Financial sector companies scored 44% in Integrated Reporting, marginally outperforming Consumer and Industrial companies


At 43%, our 2019 finalists companies are viewed as caring about the business’s perceived ethics, based on analysis performed on publicly available conversations


Iclif’s Leadership Trust Survey showed that leaders were able to ‘create meaningful value’ (8.16/10) for their employees

Why it matters to us

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BTA 2019 Opening Video

At PwC, we believe that we too have a role to play - to encourage a stronger capital market, one which stakeholders can put their faith in. After all, our PwC purpose is to “Build trust in society and solve important problems”.

We believe it’s time to take a stand and shine a light on the companies in Malaysia that are being transparent and are making attempts to meet their stakeholders’ needs.

We’re not just looking for the businesses that are posting the highest profits or getting the most coverage in the press. We want a company to be judged on the most important factors of all – how upfront they are with their stakeholders, and how their investors and customers regard them.

Bottomline: how much effort is a company putting into building trust? 

We hope that the BTA will give businesses some food for thought on how to manage and nurture trust, something that is often perceived as intangible and hard to measure. More importantly, we hope the BTA will spark dialogue and debate, and inspire all of us to put trust at the top of our business agenda.

The story behind our logo

Building Trust Awards logo

We were inspired by the game JENGA®. 

The classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game is one that has players attempting to build a tower that gets taller and taller, while removing blocks from its base.

One false move, and the structure crashes to the ground.

The process of building trust is much like this game.

Like JENGA®, it isn’t for the faint hearted. It can be a painstaking process and it is certainly a journey.

One where every action, good and bad, stacks up.

At all times it takes all your different players working together to a common goal – fitting together the various pieces to form a structure that doesn’t falter.

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