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The sustainability and climate change agenda is fast becoming the lens through which a business is judged by its consumers, workforce, society and even its investors.

We help organisations to look at the bigger picture, by striking a balance between staying competitive, driving innovation and preserving our environment.

We can help you understand which areas pose the greatest sustainability and climate change risks to your business, form strategies to address them, and support you through the necessary organisational changes and reporting processes.

We do this by helping to plan, source, deliver, finance and measure the impact of products and services in a way that builds trust in society and a more resilient, agile and sustainable business.

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Andrew Chan

Sustainability & Climate Change Leader | Consulting Partner, PwC Malaysia

Tel: +60 (3) 2173 0348

Redha Shukor

Operations Consulting Leader, PwC Malaysia

Tel: +60 (3) 2173 1832

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