Sustainability and climate change

Building a sustainable business is more than ticking a box. It’s about making a tangible difference - for your business and our world.

It’s about creating sustained outcomes for environmental and societal impact, ensuring that the most vulnerable of us are not left behind at the expense of profitability. It’s about governing your business responsibly and inclusively, to build long term resilience and trust.
Acting responsibly is no longer a choice - it’s an imperative. Tackling all ESG risks and opportunities may seem daunting. But there is a secret: it’s all interconnected. Managing ESG well can unlock value and prepare you for new growth opportunities at every turn.

At PwC, we’re determined to play our part.

We’re proud to help our clients have a positive impact on the world. Drawing on our deep expertise, our team is ready to help uncover, untangle and understand the world around you to create change that matters - for people, planet and performance. 

Our team is ready to identify the areas that pose the greatest ESG risks to your business, form strategies to address them, and support you through the necessary organisational changes and reporting processes - turning theory into a practical, purpose-led plan. We do this by helping to plan, source, deliver and measure the wider impact of products and services in a way that makes organisations more resilient, agile and sustainable, future-proofing your businesses.

Meet our Sustainability & Climate Change team

Andrew Chan

Asia Pacific Sustainability, Strategy & Transformation Partner, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0348


Gan Wee Fong

Partner, Assurance, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0700


Redha Shukor

Partner, Sustainable Value Chains, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 1832


Lavindran Sandragasu

Partner, Tax, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 1494


Jay Moorthy

Deals Partner, Valuations, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 1308


Farhana Jabir

Director, Risk Services and Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0970


Nik Shahrizal Sulaiman

Partner, ESG, Shariah and Internal Audit, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 1726


Richard Baker

Director, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0644


Jasmine Voo

Director, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 3609


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