Climate Change and Carbon Management

Climate Change and Carbon Management involves:

  • Measuring and reporting carbon emissions throughout the entire value chain
  • Identifying climate change risks and opportunities
  • Developing and implementing policies, strategies and programmes on climate change, economics and green growth

We can help you to:

  • Understand the data that needs to be collected, the management information systems and processes that need to be in place
  • Manage climate change risks and respond to opportunities
  • Develop high-level climate change strategies and its practical implementation on the ground
  • Respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) through collaborative engagement. PwC has been the global sponsor and advisor of the CDP since 2008, giving us the insights to:
    • provide guidance in responding to the CDP and review of the CDP questionnaire
    • provide confidence through verification of your climate or sustainability data before submission to the CDP


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*In our 2013 survey report 38% of companies in the region said that energy and carbon-related costs was their top strategic priority over the next 5 years.

Why should tackling your carbon emissions be important to you?

  • Enables identification of cost saving opportunities through energy efficiency of operations and technological innovations.
  • Enables reporting and dialogue around emissions and risks with key stakeholders.
  • Improves your brand reputation and addresses customer awareness of issues related to climate change.
  • To ensure competitive advantage in the marketplace and future-proof your business against new risks such as increased regulation

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