Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan

Asia Pacific Sustainability, Strategy & Transformation Partner, PwC Malaysia

Andrew's experience is focused around strategic growth issues and delivering transformative outcomes. He is heavily involved in the movement to redefine value creation, broadening beyond traditional financial measures. Andrew is a British national and has experience consulting organisations across different continents having lived in various countries throughout his career.

Andrew also leads the Sustainability & Climate Change practice for PwC South East Asia Consulting, and is a key figure in developing the corporate sustainability agenda across Southeast Asia. He has personally led over 150 corporate and developmental sustainability engagements across the region.

A dedicated father of two young boys, he took a short career break in 2012 to take care of his young family, while his wife furthered her studies abroad. During his time away from the firm he was also a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys the Malaysian outdoors and scuba dives, treks, and plays tennis. He is also a keen volunteer and has participated in a program to build houses for the hardcore poor in Northern Mongolia. 

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Oxford with a Masters (Honours) in Engineering, Economics and Management.

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