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Work-life @ PwC Malaysia

What matters to you

At PwC, we understand that everyone has a unique way of working and with different priorities in life. To help us focus on what matters to our people, we took a deeper look at the four areas of Growth, Recognition, Opportunities, and Ways of Working.

Within each of these, we have different platforms and tools to help us all GROW in our very own unique and personal way, providing an experience that stays with us. Have a look at some examples below:


Growth anytime, anywhere

We have a 'learning-by-doing' environment that is supported by real-time development, team learning, and a world-class training curriculum that suits today's fast-paced and well-connected environment. 


Everyone in PwC has personalised guidance on their learning and development with Vantage, a mobile learning app which gives us the convenience to learn on-the-go, whenever and wherever. 

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My Growth Journey

My Growth Journey is PwC Malaysia’s ecosystem to support our people's development as a PwC Professional. Through essential elements such as real-time development, growth conversations, and PwC's own 'Snapshots' (an easy and digital way to assess our development), we want to make sure our people grow both professionally and personally. 


Recognition for effort and a job well done

We value real-time recognition and appreciate the effort and a job well done. That's why we launched flexPoints, a real-time recognition programme that's both a mobile and web application. It allows our people to express and receive appreciation through points and badges. These points can then be used to redeem gifts from their favourite brand!


A real-time recognition programme that's both a mobile and web application. It allows our people to express appreciation and/or recognise the contributions of their colleagues by awarding points and badges. 

Opportunities to solve important problems

In line with PwC’s purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems, we focus on creating opportunities for our people to work on projects and engagements in various areas such as their day-to-day work, corporate responsibility, diversity & inclusion, and much more. 

Future Skills

The accelerating pace at which technology is developing has impacted the way we work and do business. A key priority for us at PwC Malaysia is to upskill our people and prepare them for the future of work. Our Future Skills initiative builds both their digital and human skills so that they have the agility to remain relevant as their roles evolve.

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Corporate Responsibility

We want to be consistent with our knowledge, services and relationships while making a difference in our communities and through our business. We do this by focusing on community engagement, environmental stewardship, being a responsible business and supporting diversity and inclusion. 

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Ways of Working that maximises impact

Today's world is ever-changing and it's even more evident in the way we work. Our people are diverse and are in various phases of their lives, having different needs and wants. To support them, we have multiple options, tools, and platforms that our people use to maximise their impact.


Focusing on the wellbeing of our people and flexibility at work, the flex+ programme incorporates various initiatives and benefits in consideration of people’s lives outside work. 

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#PwCWellbeing is a health campaign to encourage a healthier lifestyle, encompassing the mind, body, and heart. Through this campaign we have #FitPwC, Get Fit classes, the Employee Assistance Programme, and more.

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