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Optimising your legal function

To thrive, legal departments and law firms must improve service levels by thinking creatively about where and how legal services get delivered.

Legal departments and law firms are increasingly turning the spotlight on operations in a bid to increase innovation in delivery methods, control costs, and to improve quality.

Our team combines PwC consulting methodology, data analytics, in-depth knowledge of the legal market and delivery of legal services to provide a structured approach to identify improvement, effectiveness, time, and cost saving opportunities.

We can help you get to the heart of the challenges that your legal department and law firm face. By drawing on our market insights, we provide objective evidence-based solutions to create the optimal operating model.

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Challenges facing law firms

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in legal budget cuts, embedded competitive panel pitches as the norm, and moved law firms into the same category as any other supplier. Clients' expectations are higher than ever and they're demanding more for less, which put pressure on law firms' return on investment.

Rising cost pressures and the need for efficiency from leveraging cutting-edge technologies and accessing specialised expertise are pushing organisations towards using new—and no longer 'alternative'—legal service providers. Law firms are facing mounting competition from these providers, as their growth accelerates in the wake of the pandemic.


Today's buyers are looking towards law firms to invest in and use new technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and service delivery. The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on remote and automated solutions, and the effective use of technology is now recognised as a key enabler for successful law firms.


The events in recent years have accelerated the adoption of online/remote working and virtual collaboration. Firms that settle for the status quo will miss out on the potential benefits of improved ways of working such as expanding their hiring pool beyond geographical borders and capturing data to unlock efficiencies. Agile law firms that embrace new ways of working will be most successful.

The lack of specialisation is a leading reason corporate clients switch out their legal service providers, and law firms are beginning to realise that a generalist approach to providing legal services is no longer sustainable.

How we can help law firms

Law firm transformation

Creating a unique value proposition in the market

Differentiated performance is underpinned by strategy execution at all levels to drive transformational change and deliver results that clients and employees value.

We specialise in optimising enabling functions for mid-sized, large and global law firms by helping you build a cohesive, service-oriented culture and an employee experience that differentiates your law firm. And we're able to do this because we understand organisational change and adopt an integrated approach to learning and development, employee engagement and capability-building to deliver your transformation initiatives.

Client experience development

Creating a differentiated client experience

An exceptional client experience has never been more important and you need to adopt new ways of working to set your firm apart from your competitors. We use journey-mapping and human-centred design methods to help you deliver new value to clients and employees. Define your firm in a competitive market with a remarkable client experience.

Capability development for lawyers

Building a future-fit legal team

Your lawyers are the foundation of your business, and their ability to manage legal work is a key driver of your firm's overall profitability. Future-fit law firms deliver legal work efficiently and effectively, form and retain high-performing multi-disciplinary teams; and embed process improvement and service innovation as part of the firm's culture. These outcomes require strong leadership and communication skills, project management and continuous improvement - which are not traditionally taught in law schools.

We offer a range of capability development programmes designed to help lawyers stay up to date with the latest technologies and be more strategic and business-oriented in their approach.

Legal technology and digital strategy

Identifying key technology platforms to future-proof your legal practice

We support all aspects of your data and digital transformation - from requirements analysis to business case building, procurement, integration, configuration and embedment. We start by understanding your existing IT infrastructure and current ways of working to identify opportunities for optimisation and automation, and designing your underpinning data framework. From document management and automation, matter management, secure collaboration portals to AI-enabled document review and e-billing platforms, we have got your legal tech needs covered.

Crisis management and cloud for legal

Handling crises with confidence

A crisis situation can disrupt operations, damage reputations, and potentially trigger other threats. We can help your team prepare and maintain control of the various aspects of your crisis response with data analytics, live reporting, modelling, crisis preparedness planning and strategic advice, so that you’ll be prepared to tackle crises with confidence and clarity and emerge stronger.

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