Economics, Policy and Infrastructure Capital

Supporting decision makers in assessing opportunities and navigating challenges to tap future growth

It is crucial for countries to examine their development priorities in order to continuously grow and create positive impact to businesses and society.  Businesses from all sectors of the economy will need to behave more strategically to be profitable and sustainable.

Our Economics, Policy and Infrastructure Capital (EPIC) team has significant experience in economics, policy and project finance advisory. Through a close alignment with our wider PwC service offerings, we offer a seamless integration of bespoke services to provide you with valuable insights. 

Leveraging our expertise and experience working at the interface of public and private sectors, including government ministries and agencies, as well as regulated industries, we are well positioned to help you assess feasibility of opportunities and make informed business decisions towards achieving your strategic goals.


Helping you make informed policy and investment decisions from strategy to execution

The evolving economic and business landscape is changing priorities across government, businesses and society. This includes policy directions of the government, investment decisions by businesses, as well as how various stakeholders work with each other to maximise socioeconomic benefits. 

What are the impacts of particular government programmes, initiatives, and/or projects on particular sectors of society or the broader economy? Are you taking strategic approaches to achieve the desired outcomes and ensure allocation of resources is optimised? What aspects of the business and operating model have to be addressed in the short and long term? 

With both local and international experience, our team has provided advice across a broad range of economic, policy and regulatory issues. This includes key economic sectors and social aspects that are critical to businesses and society, such as digital economy, transportation and logistics, agriculture, trade, green growth, tourism, education, and affordable housing. 

Our expertise and insights can help shape strategy, build trust, and achieve transformation. We believe these are foundational for public sector institutions to successfully execute reforms, and for the private sector to make strategic decisions to ensure profitable and sustainable growth.

How we can help you:

  • Economic assessment - Gain strategic insight and analysis of the economic demand and key policy and regulatory drivers as key inputs into business feasibility assessment and in supporting regional development planning and industrial master planning.

  • Cost-benefit analysis - Develop robust and evidence-based assessment of your project’s contribution to economic objectives to support investment and operational decisions, strategic planning and litigation.

  • Regulatory analysis - Shape best practice regulatory approach through review and development of regulatory frameworks and an assessment of regulatory impact.

  • Market demand analysis - Conduct analysis on industry trends and projections to support policy and investment decisions.
  • Policy and roadmap development - Design comprehensive policies and implementation plans to ensure proposed outcomes of the transformation initiatives are achieved, promoting new ways of thinking on the economy and public policy.

  • Strategic visioning and business planning for public sector entities - Assess organisational strategic direction and capabilities in delivering its mandates, and develop overall visions, practical action plans and strategies for public sector entities.

  • Sustainability, climate and green transition strategy & development: Formulate policies, strategies and plan to support  national and state development in driving sustainability agenda across government, businesses and society, cutting across various sectors and industries.

  • Programme management - Provide implementation support for various areas of programme delivery in the public sector, such as programme rollout, progress monitoring and tracking, and programme management tools. 
  • Issue solutioning - Provide advisory and facilitation services to solve issues faced during policy and programme implementation, leveraging PwC’s wider network, clients, and stakeholders.

  • Policy review and programme evaluation - Evaluate the impact of policies, programmes and projects to determine strategic priorities conducive to the development of the economy, and promoting idea generation.

Helping you to build a better future and create value through infrastructure investments

Infrastructure gaps remain significant and governments increasingly need to find alternative funding mechanisms to address them and ensure cost-effective outcomes. At the same time, there is growing interest from investors looking at infrastructure as an asset class. Both sides need to remain agile and relevant to realise value in infrastructure investments and deliver better services to the communities they serve.

Consider these questions:

  • Do you have a clear and accurate view of your near and long term infrastructure and asset needs to achieve your targeted outcomes?

  • Are you assessing the value of new opportunities in, or restructuring of, asset intensive investments? 

  • Are you looking for alternative ways to fund or procure assets and projects?

Often at the interface of the public and private sectors, we advise across all stages of the infrastructure project lifecycle, from comprehensive business case and project feasibility advice, through to transaction structuring including public-private partnerships (PPPs). We help clients develop flexible, innovative solutions, that provide the foundation for a project’s successful delivery.


How we can help you:

  • Project feasibility and structuring - Define market and business needs, assess project cash flow, review risk allocation and funding strategy and investment returns.

  • Financial modelling and analysis - Design, build and review financial models that are robust and flexible with insightful, fact-based outputs to help our clients understand the impact of different financial or commercial assumptions on their cash position, profit, tax or financing structure.

  • Bid structuring - Providing bid structuring advice for large scale project proposals.

  • Fundraising advice - As an independent advisor, we can focus solely on identifying and structuring the best source of finance for our clients.

  • Strategy - Develop strategy for growth driven by industry and business insights that include business and operating model recommendations.

  • Sustainability - Shape and develop authentic sustainability and climate policies, roadmaps and practices including operationalisation within your organisation and industry and leverage market opportunities.
  • Implementation model - Detailed design and implementation support required in strategy and transformation work for the infrastructure sector.

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