We understand that recognition in real-time is fundamental and impacts motivation levels. Showing appreciation to those whose contribution matters acknowledges the efforts brought to the teams, clients and the firm. 

Line of Service Awards

In furthering our culture of recognition within the Lines of Service, iDeals Awards was launched in 2022 followed by the inaugural Audit Awards, Tax Impact Awards, Digital Impact Awards, and the Consulting Values Awards in 2022. These awards serve as platforms for recognition of our people's brilliant efforts and contributions to their team over the past year.

Audit Awards

  • The Audit Awards consists of two categories which are Individual Awards (with 5 award categories: Growth Champion, Inspiring Individual, Culture of Challenge, Mountain Movers and, Be well, Work Well), and Team Awards (with 3 award categories: Culture of Challenge, Mountain Movers and Be well, Work Well).

  • As of 2023, the award has recorded a total of 112 submissions.

Tax Impact Awards

  • The Tax Impact Awards consists of three award categories which are Individual, Project Team and Business Unit. It recognises exemplary performance(s) of individuals and teams in Tax on a quarterly basis.

  • In 2023, four individuals and three project teams consisting of 12 members in total were recognised through this initiative.

Digital Impact Awards

  • The inaugural Digital Impact Awards was introduced in March 2023 as an initiative to encourage the culture of recognition. Employees in Digital were nominated for a chance to be recognised for impact demonstrated, either individually or as a project team. 

  • Recipients of the Digital Impact Awards were announced at the Digital Away Day in May 2023, where an individual and two project teams were recognised. 

iDeals Awards

  • The iDeal Awards consists of five award categories based on the five PwC Values (i.e. Act with integrity, Care, Make a difference, Reimagine the possible, and Working together).

  • The award is open to Deals employees across all management levels, and nominations can be made by any member of the Deals team.

Consulting Values Awards

  • The Consulting Values Award is a regional spot bonus programme aimed at recognising instances of distinctive impact in relation to the PwC Values.

  • The award is open to all Consulting employees from the administrative to director levels, and they can be nominated by any South East Asia Consulting (‘SEAC’) Partner.

  • In 2023, 65 recipients from PwC Malaysia received awards across the five PwC Values.

Others: RISQ Awards

  • RISQ Awards were given in 10 different categories or attributes that are consistent with our goal to build a “Client-centric, Agile, High-performing and Inclusive” culture (CAHI Culture) in MYVN RISQ. 

  • Each RISQ Award receipient received a monetary reward and a framed certificate of excellence.

Appreciation Day

In the spirit of 'Reach Out and Recognise,' we introduced Appreciation Day where our people are encouraged to share their appreciation of others who have made their day-to-day lives brighter in PwC. Two Appreciation Days were organised in March and May 2023 to accommodate a wider group of people in the firm. The programme was extended to include the Regional Offices (Ipoh, Johor, Melaka, and Penang), each hosting an event on the same day.

As part of this initiative, we were able to boost recognition both personally by purchasing gifts at the event to appreciate colleagues, and via flexPoints, a real-time recognition programme that runs on a digital platform.

My PwC Rewards enhancements

Special discretionary bonus

In recognising our people’s contributions and commitment to the firm despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, a special discretionary bonus for Administrators to Senior Managers was announced in November 2021 and paid in two tranches in January and April 2022 respectively.

Salary adjustment

To ensure the firm continues to pay fairly and competitively in the market, we embarked on a salary review process with fixed pay (salary) adjustment done in July 2022 and January 2023.

flexBenefits enhancements

To cater to the evolving needs of our employees amidst the changes in work patterns caused by the pandemic, we expanded flexBenefits claims to cover work-from-home essentials (e.g. work furniture and computer accessories) and COVID-19 health support (oximeter and RTK self-test kit).

In September 2022, we further extended the claims period from four weeks to eight weeks to provide a longer timeframe for submission.

Extension of paid maternity leave from 90 days to 120 days

Prior to the recent Employment Act (EA) amendments (effective Jan 2023), the firm has been providing  90 days of maternity leave since 2013 instead of the previously legislated 60 days.

While the new EA amendments require employers to grant 98 days of maternity leave, the firm has further extended paid maternity leave to 120 days, where a part of it can be flexed throughout the first year after maternity to be utilised for post-natal check-ups or vaccinations for instance.

Maintaining compensation time (CT) claims

With wellbeing as a key priority for the firm, the option to claim for CT for those who do not qualify for overtime claims has been maintained despite the higher base salary for many post the salary adjustment exercise. 

This ensures that our people are recognised for the additional hours that may be required to meet the needs of our clients and that they will continue to be provided the opportunity to take time off for their wellbeing needs.

Other non-monetary benefits

Aside from monetary rewards, we also provided and enhanced some non-monetary benefits for our people:

  • Paid half-day leave for employees to travel back to vote in Malaysia’s 15th General Election.

  • Continuance of flexSpace Reimagined to provide our people with the flexibility needed at work.

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