As part of our global strategy, The New Equation, PwC comes together as a community of solvers to make a difference for our stakeholders. We reimagine the way we work to build trust and deliver meaningful outcomes. This is the essence of what makes working at PwC a unique opportunity and experience. 

Corporate Sustainability

In PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. We believe in bringing a positive impact to the work we do and creating an inclusive and diverse work culture. Through our Corporate Sustainability commitments, we ensure the initiatives we run are aligned with the firm’s purpose through our Community, Inclusion & Diversity and Net Zero initiatives.

The Community Outreach Programme (COP)

COP focuses on providing quality education for underprivileged children/students, leaving a sustainable impact. We started in 2002 and have been working with three community homes: Pusat Jagaan Rumah Juara, Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam and Rumah Kebajikan Karunai Illam. In 2023, we revamped the COP through our collaboration with YTL Foundation, utilising their KelasKita digital platform to run Bahasa Melayu and English modules.

Money & Me

The Money & Me programme aims to equip youths with financial literacy as an essential life skill and basic entrepreneurship skills to help them improve their economic prospects. At the end of the lesson plan, students participate in the Money & Me Young Entrepreneurs Challenge, which offers participants a chance to win attractive cash prizes. Students need to submit a business plan, a Sales Day report and a 30-second Instagram video.

Impact for 2022 and 2023:

PwC Social Enterprise Mentorship

The PwC Social Enterprise (SE) Mentoring Programme is a 3-month mentorship programme that aims to bridge the gap between experienced professionals and social entrepreneurs, providing them with the guidance and support they need to navigate the complexities of the business world. The mentorship sessions were conducted via FutureLab’s mentorship portal.



To help communities affected by COVID-19, by October 2021, our people contributed a total of RM101,486 that was disbursed to various channels such as small businesses, frontliners, underprivileged families/individuals and homes, and more. 27 volunteers devoted more than 320 hours of service across the span of five months to these relief efforts.

Flash floods

A fundraising campaign was initiated with the objective of extending aid to fellow colleagues who were impacted by the flash floods in December 2021. The repercussions of these floods led to colleagues experiencing inundated residences, requiring extensive cleanup activities. A total of RM104,000 was successfully raised, benefitting 28 colleagues who were significantly impacted by the flood-related circumstances.

Türkiye earthquake

The devastating earthquake in early 2023, which profoundly impacted Türkiye, resulted in fatalities, injuries and extensive infrastructural damage across the affected urban centres and municipalities. In response, the Turkish government declared a "Level 4 Emergency," prompting an urgent appeal for international aid. We promptly initiated efforts to seek contributions from our people, complemented by PwC's commitment to matching these donations. We donated a total of RM10,000 to assist the affected regions.

New World. New Skills

We have a collective responsibility to equip our people, businesses, governments and the communities around us everyone with the essential skills for success. PwC’s New World. New Skills initiative embodies this commitment, aiming to deepen digital literacy and empower individuals to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape. At PwC Malaysia, beyond our own workforce, we extend our dedication to upskilling by assisting other organisations in addressing workforce challenges and reaching underserved communities, ultimately working to bridge the digital divide.

Together, we can ensure everyone is able to live, learn, work and participate in the digital world. 

Kampus Digital

Kampus Digital is designed to help university students improve their digital skills to prepare them for the workforce by increasing their awareness of  employer expectations. With these new skills, the programme presents an opportunity for students to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market. 

Impact through Kampus Digital:

  • Run 4 cohorts in 4 years, involving 9 universities

  • > 800 participants with encouraging feedback

  • 70 volunteers with more than 450 volunteering hours

  • Cohort 4 (4 November - 16 December 2022) saw notable improvements in students pre and post assessments scores:

    • Level 1 (Spreadsheet workshop on basic functions, formulas and shortcuts): 94% improved in post-assessment score

    • Level 2 (Digital citizenship*): 54% improved in post-assessment score

*Covers digital safety, responsibility and hygiene 

Applied Leadership Programme

The Applied Leadership Programme or ALP is an eight-month hands-on programme that provides step-by-step guidance to educational leaders in 10 states and 33 district education offices to transform student learning outcomes in high-need schools. Part of our New World. New Skills programme, it equips participants with the right skills, knowledge, and tools that will help them adapt to a digital future. We hope that by upskilling these officers, they can work with teacher leaders to improve schools and design interventions to provide educational equity to students all around Malaysia.

Outcomes for 2022 (Aug 2021 - March 2022) are as follows as below.

  • Sponsored the upskilling of 64 MoE officers

  • 15 masterclasses organised during the 8-month programme

  • 68 learning interventions launched, covering 116 schools and involving 232 teacher leaders

  • 32 officers working towards achieving certification by ‘Google for Education’ as well as the Human Resource Development Corporation

  • Grasp of knowledge and skills improved from 1.1 rating at the start of the programme to 3.4 at the end of the programme

  • The programme garnered much support, with the Ministry of Education allowing participants to spend up to 4 hours a week to attend the masterclasses and run the intervention programmes on the ground at schools. Refer to this video for further details on the ALP

“The masterclasses were informative and insightful. Each ALP batchmate had interesting stories to tell and we had experienced facilitators to suggest areas for improvement. I was excited and felt blessed to receive this training.”

State Education Officer, Sabah

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