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Tax and Legal Managed Services

Compliance Reimagined

Managing tax and legal compliance has never been more important or more complex. We know that the pace of change in the tax environment is putting increased pressure on businesses to deliver tax and legal compliance more effectively. In the face of increasing reporting requirements and the volume of new legislation created annually, businesses need to achieve the optimal mix of talent and technology, and in doing so, approach tax and legal compliance in different and more innovative ways.

The ability for businesses to respond to rapidly evolving tax and legal obligations strategically, and in an agile, efficient and robust way, is typically constrained by three main factors: time, talent and technology.

How do you best manage your tax and legal responsibilities when your people’s time is tied up in business as usual compliance operations, the right talent is hard to access and the latest technology is difficult and costly to deploy in a limited time frame?

To help manage and resolve these disruptive challenges faced by businesses in the Middle East, we are now offering an innovative, reimagined and digitally enabled modular outsourced approach – a ‘one stop shop’ for all your tax and legal compliance needs.

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What is Tax & Legal Managed Services l Compliance Reimagined?

It is a modular approach to tax and legal compliance services offering a transparent, digitally enabled relationship, with real time tracking of your deliverables and monitored by regional talented specialists. Your dedicated Compliance Process Manager (CPM) will coordinate your various tax and legal compliance obligations across the Middle East (in either Arabic or English), enabling your teams to focus on other key business objectives.

The modular model puts key business needs at the centre of tax and legal compliance from the collection and processing of your data, to the filing of your obligations. Combining our people’s expertise with the latest digital solutions, we drive efficiencies and enable the governance to deliver effective tax and legal compliance risk management.

What are the key benefits for you?

  • Provides you with increased transparency along with standardised delivery and processes 

    Centrally managed, the tax and legal compliance process is transparent and streamlined for efficiency, leading to high quality on time delivery of compliance obligations.

  • Enables you to focus on supporting the business strategy 

    Automated tasks, reducing the tax and compliance burden on your team, enabling them to focus on business critical opportunities and challenges by directing their expertise to activities and analysis that support effective business decision making.

  • Centrally coordinated with a dedicated CPM(s) for your regional requirements

    The interaction starts with your CPM, who is accountable for the successful delivery of your tax and legal compliance needs and brings together a team of local compliance experts who will deliver transformational results.

  • Your one link enabling you to tap into local subject matter experts across the region

    With access to your data, Managed Services acts as the gateway connecting you to our network of dedicated tax and legal professionals for real time support when you need it. 

  • Gives you access to the latest innovative digital solutions

    With single access to our global digital collaboration platform, Engagement Centre, you can oversee all of your engagements, no matter where in the world we are supporting you. Engagement Centre will communicate directly with the latest tax digital solutions PwC has to offer streamlining data collection, minimising touch points and enhancing visibility, reporting and management oversight.

Introducing Engagement Centre

Engagement Centre is PwC's web-based platform which allows real-time status, and workflow updates, as well as the sharing and exchanging of data and deliverables.  Designed to fit into busy schedules so you will always feel in control, Engagement Centre provides you with the freedom to check in for real-time updates whenever you want them.  It enables you to collaborate with your PwC team, manage activities, share data and documents and monitor the progress of deliverables.

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PwC’s Managed Services delivers efficiencies through Time, Talent, Technology providing you with the ability to manage your costs across your tax and legal compliance operations.

How does it all work?

Managed Services is provided through our own digital collaboration platform, ‘Engagement Centre’, managed by a core team of Compliance Process Managers. Your compliance needs will be delivered using streamlined processes built on our latest digital solutions, with a real time view of the status of each deliverable and all your pending deadlines. This access to real time insights will help your organisation stay ahead of the shift to digital and ensure you are making valuable business decisions.

Delivering and tracking all of your compliance obligations on one platform will not only give your business visibility and control of all your compliance requirements but also give you greater insights, which can help you better manage and improve compliance governance and tax and legal risk in your business.

PwC tax and legal compliance services are offered on a modular basis depending on your business requirements and can be viewed in real time through the Engagement Centre.

It is time to see compliance as an opportunity for your organisation to gather critical business insights. The right technology and processes can significantly reduce your tax and legal compliance burden, automating tasks which support reporting in tax compliance as well as reducing the manual effort needed for coordination and data analysis, freeing up your team to drive innovation and add value.

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