Digital Upskilling

What does it take to stay relevant? Enter the digital world with your company, don't be afraid to make changes and constantly adapt to them.


We do not have the luxury of doing nothing. The world around us is changing, and we should build adaptability, resilience and critical thinking into our people and throughout the organisation to embrace reality and be prepared for the future and new ways of working. Digital Upskilling will help you to implement the appropriate ways of working and will offer you the right mix of trainings, courses and seminars to foster your digital skills.

Michal Vychodil
PwC, Digital Upskilling Leader

Challenges of today's world

There are still a number of challenges in becoming digital, and the biggest challenge is the lack of skills



respondents cited lack of skilled teams as a key obstacle to digital innovation



respondents cited slow or inflexible processes



of top financial performers say their leadership is digitally savvy and helps the workforce think in a new way



of top financial performers say they lack a strategic focus on training

Source: PwC Digital IQ Survey (2017 & 2018)

Digital Upskilling

A unique program delivering digital capability development through a highly flexible modular approach.

1. Mindset

Program aims to create a digital mindset and digital-first
approach to how organisations work with data.

2. Blended

Modules include classroom teaching together with e-learning
and online resources (as appropriate) to address
challenging topics and reinforce learning.

3. Project-based

Some of the relevant modules are project-based courses
which will ensure participants put their newly acquired skills into action.

4. Wide range of solutions

An extensive range of digital course offering.

Key enablers
  • Digital fitness assessment
  • Data literacy
  • Data visualisation
  • Change management
  • Digital leadership

Foundation modules
  • RPA Tools
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Data Visualisation Tools
  • Lean Six Sigma

Advanced modules
  • Advanced data analytics and visualisation
  • Advanced RPA
  • Project management for advanced technologies
  • Machine learning
  • Training the trainer

Embedded learning
  • Strategic alignment
  • Digital accelerator programme
  • Community setup
  • Continuous improvement

Why do we believe in Digital Upskilling


Our clients are expressing
the urgency of digital upskilling


PwC internally faces a similar challenge and
rigorously follows digital transformation


Digital Upskilling is unique in its complexity,
simplicity and compactness


Our expertise and real world experience in the
makes the difference

What capabilities
do we need?
How do we re-skill our
How do we create meaningful
career paths? 
What will some of the emerging and new
finance roles look like?
How can we design our workplaces
to drive engagement, collaboration, and retention?

Your Digital Upskilling will be customised based on an assessment 

The assessment we have developed will help us to customise the program to fit your organisation’s specific needs.

Digital Upskilling

Range of basic to advanced level packages available, each can be adapted to suit your digital training needs.

Digital Upskilling
Digital Upskilling

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