IFRiSk 9 / CECL Calculator

Simple off-the-shelf solution for (Current) Expected Credit Loss calculation and analysis

IFRiSk 9 / CECL Calculator – instant access to flexible (Current) Expected Credit Loss calculation

The PwC IFRiSk 9 / CECL Calculator has been developed to support financial institutions with the (Current) Expected Credit Loss calculation. A powerful engine together with a simple interface enables users to quickly evaluate and compare expected loss under different scenarios.

IFRiSk 9 Calculator offers

IFRiSk 9 / CECL Calculator enables

  • small and medium sized financial institutions to perform ECL / CECL calculations for regular reporting purposes;
  • business users to perform ad hoc ECL / CECL analyses and stress-testing exercises;
  • internal or external audits to challenge and verify the results produced by a solution already in place.

Our approach

IFRiSk 9 / CECL  Calculator operates as a calculation engine that loads in the required parameters for all ECL / CECL components, i.e., PD, LGD, EAD, macro-economic forecasts and a portfolio snapshot at the reporting date and computes the resulting expected losses for each account.

Quick deployment

PwC provides Calculator as a service accessible on the PwC-managed cloud. Or it can be deployed in your environment.

Easy access

Application is easily accessible via a web browser without the need for any installations by end-users.

Scenario analysis

Fast calculation engine also makes Calculator a great tool for various scenario analyses and quick impact calculations.

Flexible calculation

Thanks to general inputs, Calculator can handle most of the common ECL / CECL methodologies as it is.

Calculation workflow

  • Regular user and admin user roles available.
  • User management is fully in the client’s hands.
  • Every client is provided with their own copy of Calculator with a separate database and allocated resources.

  • Calculations can be freely organized into “projects”.
  • The project usually groups similar calculations for different reporting dates or other types of related calculations.

  • When a new calculation is created and input data uploaded, the validation step can be executed.
  • Over hundred validation checks are evaluated in a few seconds.
  • In case the input data doesn’t pass validation, the user can replace incorrect files and rerun the validation process.

  • Result dashboard shows a comparison with selected previous calculations.
  • Detailed results can be downloaded as CSV.
  • Breakdown of change in CECL on the loan level can be generated and downloaded.

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Fast calculation

IFRiSk 9 / CECL Calculator harnesses the power of a complex system of ETLs and advanced calculations. Results of the computations are obtained in a straightforward manner and an intuitive process has been designed to make the IFRiSk 9 / CECL Calculator easy to use and understand.


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