Smart Sustainable City Maturity Model

Recognise the maturity of your city, its readiness to implement clever solutions and create a sustainable, resilient and intelligent city.

Building sustainable and intelligent cities is a priority for the future development of the entire society.

This self-assessment tool can help you identify the current state of your city and identify the areas that need to be improved to raise the quality of life of your city. A systematically built city on a stable foundation is more competitive, durable, sustainable and attractive to live in.

On a four-step scale, the model can evaluate the maturity of the city and assess possible areas of development.

The principle of the model is its own, user self-assessment, which assesses the present state and the opportunities of the given territory and identifies the readiness of the city to adopt smart solutions. On the basis of the city's assessment, the development potential can be identified and the development areas pinpointed, and suggested steps can be taken to increase maturity for the three levels of city development. The tool can be used to develop important areas such as transport, IT, energy, the environment, public administration, and also the quality of life and economic development.

Outputs from the evaluated model can be used as the basis for decisions that apply to the strategic and operational levels of city management. The results of each development area define the current status and recommendations that will help improve the city's readiness and help it become a smarter city.


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