Design Thinking

An approach focused on product, service and process innovation

Design Thinking

The basis of each innovation is to understand who the customer is, what he feels, what he is worried about and what he requires to satisfy his needs. The first question of a good designer should therefore not be "What do you want?", but rather "How are you doing?". And that's exactly what this course will teach you.  
Design thinking is an approach focussed on product, service, and process innovation. This method was developed by American designers from Stanford who began to apply their design methods far beyond their normal use, to innovate products, services, processes, and entire business models. Its basic principles include having and understanding of the customer’s experience, empathy, solution generation, re-application of existing prototypes, and receiving continual feedback followed by adjustments.

What you will learn: 

  • Be able to include various steps of Design Thinking into the project work,
  • Learn how to run innovation workshops and smaller projects properly and effectively,

  • Be able to better empathize with the customer and understand his needs,

  • Discover how to create prototypes of products and how to test them.


Course details

Design Thinking is a two-days, hands-on online course that helps the participants to:
  • Go through all the stages of the innovation cycle,

  • Find out how to apply Design Thinking methodology,

  • Learn how to think about problems differently and come up with innovative solutions and ideas.

The first part of the course is dedicated to a real life case study that helps participants experience and understand the basic principles of Design Thinking. The second part of the course is devoted to a more complex case study from the business environment. Throughout the course participants work in virtual teams and they regularly exchange the roles of designer and/to customer in order to experience both perspectives.


The course is designed for all people who want to:
  • Learn creativity-enhancing methods,

  • Come up with  new innovations,

  • Learn how to think about problems differently and come up with innovative solutions.


After successful completion of the course you receive PwC certificate.



Jiří Benedikt

Jiří is a future-skills tutor and management consultant with more than 10 years of experience in innovation and improvement projects. He worked on Lean transformations for companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, France and Russia. These projects were very successful and led to savings in millions of euros. Jiri was also CEO of a start-up company in Prague where he led innovation and process projects using the Design Thinking methodology. He currently leads Design Thinking and Lean Six Sigma trainings at PwC Academy and works with clients from IT, pharmacy, healthcare, manufacturing and services sectors on their Lean and digital transformation. 


Anna Tubert

Anna Tubert

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Michal Vychodil

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