2018 reinventor finalist: Scotiabank—Information Technology & Solutions

Our innovation is: 

“customer-centric, digital, micro-services"

Michael Zerbs, Chief Technology Officer, Scotiabank



Finalist category:
The reinventor

Financial services



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“Our customers expect simple digital banking experiences that respond to their evolving preferences. To respond effectively, it was necessary to challenge the status quo of traditional banking services, reinvent and reimagine the customer’s end-to-end journey and create technology foundations to scale awesome customer experiences and solutions globally.”

— Michael Zerbs, Chief Technology Officer, Scotiabank

The innovation:

“To drive our digital banking transformation, we stood up five digital factories across our five key markets. Using real-time customer feedback, we created inspirational products by leveraging our new micro-services framework (PLATO). With PLATO, we developed the ability to build new products and get them to market faster and safer.”

— Michael Zerbs, Chief Technology Officer, Scotiabank
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