2018 builder finalist: Klick Health

Our innovation is: 

“patient-centric, empathetic, transformative”

Yan Fossat, VP, Klick Labs at Klick Health


Klick Health

Finalist category:
The builder

Health care



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“Klick's SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device fosters greater clinical empathy and care for people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. While medical schools include empathy training in their curriculums, physicians’ empathy levels tend to decline over time due to stress and desensitization. SymPulse acts as a much-needed ‘booster shot’ of empathy.”

—Yan Fossat, VP, Klick Labs at Klick Health

The innovation:

“Klick's SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device is the world's first device to wirelessly record and transmit movement disorder tremors in real time. With its proprietary muscle stimulation armband, SymPulse gives physicians the unique ability to feel exactly what specific patients feel. Other devices are only able to simulate tremors via mechanical vibration.”

— Yan Fossat, VP, Klick Labs at Klick Health


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