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2018 builder finalist: Canada Drives

Our innovation is: 

“customer-centric, disruptive, convenient”

Cody Green, Founder and Co-CEO, Canada Drives


Canada Drives

Finalist category:
The builder

Financial services

British Columbia


What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“People want to do more of their car shopping online, primarily the finance portion of it, because that's very time-consuming and uncertain when they're at the dealership. Customers also want the finance element taken care of, so the actual selection of the vehicle can become enjoyable.”

— Cody Green, Founder and Co-CEO, Canada Drives

The innovation:

“Canada Drives has revolutionized access to auto financing in Canada. Auto finance hadn't evolved globally for many years, despite being a major part of the buying process. Canada Drives took the financing process online for the first time, allowing Canadians to get approved before they ever went vehicle shopping.”

— Cody Green, Founder and Co-CEO, Canada Drives


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