2018 accelerator finalist: OntarioMD Inc.

Our innovation is: 

“fast, secure, reliable”

Sarah Hutchison, CEO, OntarioMD Inc.


OntarioMD Inc.

Finalist category:
The accelerator

Health care



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“Physicians are drowning in paper discharge summaries and other hospital reports mailed or faxed to them. They need to follow up with their patients quickly to prevent complications or hospital readmissions. It takes too long to review all the paper. This is an obstacle to an efficient health care system.”

— Sarah Hutchison, CEO, OntarioMD Inc.

The innovation:

“Our Health Report Manager (HRM) delivers patient reports from hospitals to physicians faster and more securely than through paper or fax. Physicians can review reports easily and quickly, empowering them to address people's health care needs and potentially reducing complications and hospital admissions. This ensures precious health system resources are used efficiently.”

— Sarah Hutchison, CEO, OntarioMD Inc.
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