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2019 builder winner: Vancouver Airport Authority

Our innovation is: "safe, efficient, transformational"

— Craig Richmond, CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority

Vancouver Airport Authority

Finalist category: 
The builder

Transportation and logistics

What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

"With the demand for air travel expected to double over the next two decades, airports around the world must embrace innovation to increase efficiencies, reduce lines and improve passenger satisfaction, all while maintaining the highest security standards."

— Craig Richmond, CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority

The innovation:

"BorderXpress uses self-service biometric-enabled kiosks to expedite border clearance. The efficient two-step process results in significantly shorter wait times for travellers. This technology allows border officers to focus on maintaining the safety of the border. BorderXpress was the first automated border clearance kiosk in the world."

— Craig Richmond, CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority

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