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The Trust Roadmap

The Trust Roadmap

Our journey to ensuring resilience, accountability and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders

At PwC Canada, trust is core to our mission and is key to our ability to be more resilient and accountable and offer sustainable impact for our stakeholders. But we know that for us to help organizations build trust, we need to be trusted and accountable ourselves. And while we do have a long-standing reputation for trust through our financial reporting and compliance work, we know we need to do more. Like all organizations, we need to stay ahead of rising expectations around issues like transparency and community impact as well as key global trends—such as increased skepticism and declining confidence in institutions—that are making trust a critical business imperative.

To hold ourselves accountable, we set out to learn everything we could about the tangible and intangible factors that contribute to trust. From there, we created a framework that identifies what drives trust in our organization, the situations where trust matters most and the metrics we can use to ensure we’re living up to our purpose and values. We’re outlining our journey below as part of our efforts to further build trust and are encouraging other organizations to do the same by applying this process to themselves.

Review our KPI chart for a deeper dive into how we are holding ourselves accountable.

Download PDF (257kB, PDF)

Learn more about our ongoing measuring, monitoring and management plan in the appendix.

Download PDF (609kB, PDF)