Simplifying your documentation strategy

Prepare efficient data collection with Global Core Documentation™

Simplify your global transfer pricing documentation approach with PwC’s Global Core Documentation™ (GCD), a flexible framework for assisting multinational companies with their global documentation efforts.

Many multinationals typically perform stand-alone projects in multiple countries. This country-by-country approach frequently results in duplication of information collection efforts and resources.

How PricewaterhouseCoopers can help

GCD helps organizations who operate in more than three countries. It is a “core” document package customized to meet local requirements and present consistent facts, transfer pricing methods and comparable economic data.

The GCD template offers a streamlined documentation process, allowing knowledge transfer from PwC to you, so you can easily and cost-effectively generate major portions of documentation on your own.

Our global network of 1,100 professionals in more than 150 countries offers knowledge and technical experience to provide effective data collection and reduce future effort and cost.

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