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Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) tax diagnostic toolkit

Do you own a multinational enterprise with material offshore operating or IP structures?

BEPS is a hot topic on the international tax policy agenda and as a result both Canadian and foreign tax authorities are likely to increase their scrutiny of domestic and cross border transactions, particularly certain hybrid arrangements and profit allocations, intercompany financing transactions, certain tax planning strategies and various TP issues. The BEPS tax diagnostic helps your company deal with this increased scrutiny and audit risk.

The BEPS tax diagnostic gives you a snapshot of how BEPS may impact your company. We assess the potential impact of both local and international BEPS initiatives on your company’s structure and identify whether changes should be made. We also help you better understand any tax issues in your existing structure and identify potential planning opportunities. The deliverable is a heat map that provides a high level assessment of your company’s risks and opportunities. We can also provide a jurisdictional heat map that highlights key risks that consider specific measures in the BEPS Action Plan.


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