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Risk analytics

Improving risk intelligence

Data is on the risk management agenda, but organizations are challenged to turn their data into insights and spot risks before they become a reality. Most companies still spend their time looking in the rear-view mirror, but when we look into analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, risk assurance capabilities become more predictive. 

Get the confidence you need to focus on what’s important to your business, improve performance, build trust with customers and reduce the cost of fraud.

We can help you:

The digitized risk function

The risk function is facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and drive efficiencies. Through advanced analytics, robotic process automation and processing intelligence, organizations can redeploy resources, provide better monitoring and control and offer more effective regulatory compliance. Risk transformation is the first step toward making disruption work for you, not against you.

As threats get increasingly sophisticated, so must you

Anti-money laundering programs are becoming more complex as they keep pace with increasingly sophisticated financing techniques. Organizations need to develop their capabilities around how they detect fraud and comply with evolving rules and regulations. With a firm handle on the risks and regulations, it’s possible to safeguard your reputation, build trust with the customers and reduce the cost of fraud.

Insights to help manage your business

Today’s customers expect businesses to deliver positive social and environmental outcomes. But most companies have only limited transparency and insight into key data points to effectively manage their business. Our traceability analysis help organizations to manage their brand promises and track vendor interactions, transactions and product movements with visibility into control breakdowns and areas of risk. The mapping process is more visible, efficient and controlled.

Confidence through smarter data

Today’s businesses generate, process and store growing amounts of data every day. As a result, transformation projects almost always have a significant data component. Transformation assurance is focused on the organization’s approach to data governance, quality and migration, helping raise an organization’s confidence and trust in their data.

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