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Tactical Digital Enablement

Overcome complexity and unlock human potential

Our new world of work is brimming with possibilities in automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. But technology is only as good as the people using it every day.

Understanding and interpreting data is now a baseline requirement for most day-to-day jobs. 77% of workers say they are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain, according to our survey.1 This gap in digital skill reduces operational efficiency, impedes innovation and increases costs.

We’ve developed the Digital Enablement Program as part of our commitment to digital upskilling—both for ourselves and our clients’ employees. It helps organizations adopt new tools and work methods, cultivate new mindsets and embed a culture of innovation.

77% of workers say they are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain

Our approach

Our customizable and tactical Digital Enablement Program empowers organizations to digitally transform their workforce as well as use automation and analytics to solve specific data and business challenges. Through demonstrations, use-case examples and hands-on exercises, we help teams discover new ways of addressing their complex data processing needs. And our digital team can also facilitate the rapid development and deployment of digital assets on your behalf to expedite your digital evolution.

1. “Hope and fears 2021” PwC Canada, Juillet 2021,


Digital upskilling

The Digital Enablement Program is a comprehensive, multi-phase upskilling and digital transformation journey. It raises the data literacy of your business professionals in a matter of weeks, equipping them to solve business problems with market-leading data analytics and business intelligence tools such as Alteryx, Tableau, Power BI, Power Query and UiPath. It’s best suited for business, finance and operational staff who rely heavily on legacy Excel processes and have strong domain knowledge but lack data analytics and automation skills.

Your workforce will learn to:

  • identify risks and opportunities in data

  • turn data into valuable and practical intelligence

  • identify automation and analytic use cases

  • design custom analytics and automation solutions

Accelerate and scale your digital journey

Our advanced technical professionals can facilitate the rapid development and deployment of high-impact automation and visualization tools. These accelerated builds include highly complex use cases that require dedicated support and technical subject matter experts.

Governance framework

A governance playbook with digital development guidelines, best practices and standards helps create assets that are reviewable and auditable.

Functional expansion

We can expand the Digital Enablement Program to additional territories and departments as well as provide ongoing flexible support to newly trained departments as new automation ideas emerge and your teams move towards more complex models.

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Gus Leite

Gus Leite

Partner, Digital Enablement Leader, PwC Canada

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