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Find and build opportunities in Northern Quebec with our industry experience, global network and local relationships

Regardless of name changes (the provincial government’s Plan Nord has been renamed Le Nord Pour Tous [The North for All]), the vast potential of Northern Quebec needs no further demonstration. Perspective North sets out PwC’s vision of how we can contribute to the development of this territory: by continuing to leverage our expertise with a view to seizing and creating business opportunities while building solutions with you that are integrated and respectful of people and nature from a sustainable development perspective.

The development of Northern Quebec will generate unprecedented business opportunities for various companies and other organizations. Under the initial plans, the provincial government had made provisions for $80 billion in public and private investments over the next 25 years. This initiative stands to create 20,000 jobs while generating some $14 billion in revenues for the government, not to mention a $162 billion impact on GDP. As a result, PwC has put together a handpicked multi-disciplinary Perspective North team.

Perspective North: PwC’s vision for the sustainable and integrated development of Northern Quebec

Nochane Rousseau

Perspective North Leader

“The North For All represents a unique opportunity for local companies to contribute to sustainable and integrated development of Northern Quebec while forging coherent partnerships backed by local, global and multi-sector networks.”

Nochane Rousseau, Leader, Perspective North

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Nochane Rousseau

Nochane Rousseau

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