Regulatory Advisory Services

Helping you stay on top of your compliance issues – both at home and abroad

Keeping on top of the constantly shifting regulatory landscape here in Canada and in other countries isn’t easy, but it is important to the success of your business. Failing to comply with regulations is not an option, regardless of which industry you operate in. Full adherence to the law is something you owe to your shareholders, your customers, your employees and to the business community at large.

How PwC can help

PricewaterhouseCoopers works every day with clients in every industry to help them address their regulatory issues and obligations. We have a deep pool of talented advisors – many of whom are former regulators themselves – who can help you identify, meet and maintain your regulatory responsibilities.

Our core services include:

  • Regulatory Change: We help companies identify the regulatory changes that will affect their businesses and then implement controls and processes to address those changes
  • Regulatory Compliance: Comprised of ex-regulators and risk-management professionals, our Regulatory Compliance group can help you develop a proactive compliance plan and respond effectively to an inquiry or investigation
  • Managing shareholder goodwill: We help clients respond to allegations arising internally through whistleblower tips and routine audits, or externally through shareholder lawsuits, regulatory inquiries and investigations

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