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Climate Change

Climate change is not only one of the top environmental and societal concerns facing Canadians today, it will also impact how you conduct your business — and ultimately, your bottom line.

While there are many uncertainties related to climate change, one thing is certain: the federal government is imposing regulations that include mandatory reporting procedures and emission reduction requirements for large greenhouse gas (GHG) producers.

What companies should know

Because climate change is directly linked to energy it will undoubtedly impact your ability to provide products and services. So whether your company is a large energy corporation or a medium-sized business, your operations will be affected by these regulatory requirements.

Similar to the financial reporting process, these new requirements will call for businesses to document and disclose their emission reductions, measurements and calculations. Projects to reduce GHG emissions will demand rigorous planning, risk management and measurement.

How we can help

Planning ahead is the key to staying competitive. Our Climate Change team will advise you through every stage of the compliance-planning process — ensuring your business continues to demonstrate an ability to find shareholder value opportunities. We'll help you:

  • Assess: What is your company’s GHG inventory and compliance requirements?
  • Plan: How do your climate change requirements affect your company’s short- and long-term strategy?
  • Implement: What is the most efficient and effective way of implementing your plan?
  • Monitor: Do you have the correct measures in place?
  • Evaluate: What are future compliance opportunities and challenges and do you have solutions for them?

Contact a member of our Climate Change team for more information.

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