PwC Canada and Workday Launch

A faster way to get going with Workday for mid-size organizations

Get a head start on your Workday implementation

Adaptation is a competitive necessity in today's busy technology arena, and it makes good business sense to embrace digital solutions. Adopting a solution like Workday gives you an intelligent data backbone with real-time reporting to improve decision-making. Workflows are standardized and automated, with manager and employee self-service. But what if you’re not ready to transform how you work?

By setting up your Workday foundation first, you’ll unlock quick wins, ease your staff into the Workday model, and position yourself to expand your configuration later. It’s comparable to buying a starter home. Your initial purchase includes the basic architecture and essential rooms. Once you’re settled, you can build additions as needed.

In any project, success lies with the people and processes involved. You can trust that PwC Canada has the expertise to advise on your management of Workday Launch from strategy to implementation and ongoing operations.

Our technology-first, people-powered approach

We understand the importance of efficiency and flexibility when adopting digital solutions. With Workday Launch and PwC Canada, pre-built packages and tested pre-configurations can materially reduce your lead time before launch. Rolling adoption schedules help you optimize after deployment and implement functionalities as needed, and we provide resources and training for your people to enable them to effectively use the system from day one. Our priority is helping you meet your organization's goals quickly —with the support of trusted business advisors to guide you every step of the way.

How the PwC Workday Alliance can help

Launch prioritizes efficiency from start to finish, helping you avoid numerous cycles of testing to get up and running with Workday as soon as possible. 

As an implementation consultant, PwC Canada can manage your implementation, optimization, and deployment projects from start to finish. Our Launch timeline consists of four stages:

Plan: We begin by understanding your business needs and defining the strategy, roadmap and timeline.

Architect and configure: You’ll choose from pre-configured packages, and we’ll begin to outline customizations as needed.

Test and train: This stage includes data validation, end-to-end user testing, and providing resources and training for your people.

Deploy: Finally, we’ll launch the system and go live. We'll go over system training, and how to troubleshoot issues to enable a smooth transition.

The PwC Difference

We believe the most successful projects are simple, focused and team-centred. We are an experienced leader in the field of Workday implementation and a group of professionals who are passionate about your success.

Our industry specialists support your initial decisions and guide you through implementation so you can maximize the value of your investment. We understand that you need to move quickly—but more importantly, you want to achieve a successful outcome.

PwC’s product-oriented delivery (POD) methodology puts a team of business specialists and technical advisors on the ground floor of your implementation. We operate as an extension of your business while giving your people the knowledge, tools, and skills they need in addition to the resources required to launch Workday and take ownership of HCM and Financial Management functions. 

Our rolling adoption plans mean that the foundation is laid first. Once your team is set up, the POD team assesses opportunities to optimize your configuration by adding features, either immediately or for future deployment.

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