Pension Audit Services

Addressing key risks in your company’s pension plan

Performing a pension audit requires a thorough understanding of the risks inherent in an organization, the regulatory environment under which pension plans are governed, as well as the processes and controls that mitigate those risks.

You want an audit team with expertise in the pension and financial services industries and who understands the accounting issues and related risks. You'll also require a team with significant industry involvement to keep you informed of issues affecting pension governance and compliance, including changes in accounting principles and the impact of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on the financial statement reporting by pension plans.

We provide audit services to a large number of single and multi-employer pension plans (MEPPs), both large and small.

How PwC can help

Our team is comprised of highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals with extensive experience auditing both public and private sector pension plans and investment management organizations. Independence and confidentiality are fundamental to our ability to provide the highest quality service to you.

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