Fund and Grants Administration

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Our country is facing continuous change and opportunity. We’ve emerged from the pandemic and are dealing with wildfires, floods and social and economic pressures. Grants, loans, rebates and claims programs play a vital role in turning government policy in these environmental, health and social areas into positive outcomes that support recovery and stability and strengthen the country.

Organizations looking to make the most of these opportunities to help address societal issues face a number of challenges, including:

  • Financial and resource constraints;
  • Access to talent with appropriate expertise and capabilities;
  • Ensuring strategic alignment;
  • Putting in place the right technologies to enable efficient and secure fund management;
  • Program compliance and governance;
  • Building credibility with their funders around how well they manage and disburse funding.

Our Fund and Grants Administration services are designed to help you overcome these challenges and deliver programs that create positive outcomes. We’ll make fund and grants administration faster and easier, while ensuring value for money and delivering funding securely and safely. Our goal is to help you maximize your impacts and minimize risk in ways that deliver the greatest benefits to the economy, communities and the environment.

Our approach to funds and grants management

The PwC Canada difference

Our approach helps you ensure your money is going to the right people for the right purposes. We’ll help you achieve program outcomes while saving significant resources compared to handling funds and grants management in-house. By partnering with us, we can help you:

  • Create efficiencies using our secure, proprietary grant management solution
  • Close skills gaps and free up capacity with the help of our people
  • Unlock value by aligning programs with your strategy
  • Reduce costs for mid- to large-size grant programs through optimization and technology
  • Build trust with funders and recipients through credible grant management practices
  • Implement real-time reporting to ensure program governance and transparency
  • Access the insights of experienced teams that have managed billions of dollars of funds for organizations

Our technology

We also bring a technology-powered approach using Grant Manager, our fund administration tool that centralizes program information. It creates a better grant experience by:

  • Streamlining the application and review process

  • Easily monitoring progress through real-time reporting

  • Offering access any time, from anywhere

  • Helping you see what matters most to you through our interactive dashboard

  • Ensuring secure and private document exchange

  • Helping you better manage program status and financial planning

How we can help

Program design and development

  • Defining program objectives, application criteria and processes
  • Design of reporting processes (templates/tools)
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Advisory support for grant management processes and controls, including fraud risk controls
  • Initial grant program policy design

Program administration and application review

  • Application review and recommendations
  • Contact centre and support team
  • Project management function
  • Enhanced applicant support
  • Automation of application review 



Payment support

  • Determination of payment amounts
  • Integration with current payment system
  • Preparation of tax slips 


Insights, analytics and reporting

  • Key performance indicators and metrics
  • Financial reporting
  • Analytics through live dashboards


Audit and quality assurance

  • Compliance testing
  • Financial reviews
  • Due diligence
  • Enhanced project monitoring
  • Fraud risk assessments and testing
  • Control environment assessment


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