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Traditional finance and accounting teams are struggling to keep up with daily operational needs, making it hard to devote time to supporting business strategy. Our human-led, technology-powered Finance Automated Managed Services are quick to set up, adaptable to your industry and designed to handle complexity. We're ready to bring your financial operations into the digital age, driving steady results. We offer a range of services tailored to your needs. Let us help power your business growth.

Our approach

Our services aren’t just about keeping your operations going. We bring a technology-enabled approach, uniquely complemented by human expertise, to increase efficiency and accuracy. Combining world-class tools and talent that can scale up or down to meet your needs, we help you continuously improve your finance operations by:

applying mature frameworks to future-proof your finance function;

creating capacity and closing skills gaps so you can focus on strategic matters;

adopting new ways of working and emerging technology to build resiliency and stay ahead of disruption;

investing in the right automation tools to create efficiencies and optimize processes and costs; and

providing data-driven insights through custom dashboards that improve decisions and track key performance indicators.


Our approach is designed to take your finance and accounting functions to the next level. The following diagram illustrates how we use leading technology and artificial intelligence, process redesign and deep functional expertise to shift your focus from transaction processing to more strategic work so you can unlock new ways to grow and become more efficient.

The figure is labeled "Evolution of finance and accounting functions with PwC managed services" and shows two triangles - one right side up and one upside down. The first, upright triangle is labelled "Traditional finance and accounting functions" and is split into three layers. The bottom layer is "transaction processing", showing how much our clients focus on it, followed by "Reporting core business" in the middle and then "strategy and insight" at the top, showing how little our clients focus on this. The second, upside down triangle is named "AI-powered finance and accounting functions", and shows little focus on the bottom section (transaction processing), more focus on "reporting core business", and finally the most focus on "strategy and insight".

How we can help you create a strategic advantage

From accounts payable to finance process automation, we’ll help you with the right technology assets to realize efficiencies. Our operational excellence services include:

  • accounts payable automation
  • financial close and consolidation
  • automated reconciliation and controls
  • process mining and finance diagnostic
  • finance process automation
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP)-enabled transformation: outcomes-based sustainment support
  • integrated tax services
  • operational key performance indicators and dashboards
  • financial reporting and analytics automation
  • setting up a finance digital academy to drive citizen-led innovation

From predictive forecasting to technology financial cost management, we’ll give you the analytics you need to measure and achieve your KPIs. We can help you with:

  • driver-based plans and predictive forecasting
  • technology financial cost management
  • next-generation finance analytics and profitability
  • enterprise performance management (EPM)-enabled transformation: outcomes-based sustainment support
  • capital planning and scenario modelling
  • finance information models for segment and management reporting
  • procure-to-pay spend analytics

From payment leakage and fraud monitoring to integrated finance and risk analytics, we’ll ensure you remain compliant and stay ahead of risks. We offer:

  • tax automation and analytics (transfer pricing and indirect tax)
  • payment leakage and fraud monitoring
  • financial statement validation and assurance
  • integrated finance and risk analytics

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