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The international shipping industry is an undisputed, major contributor to global transportation and logistics that experiences significant volatility in vessel values, freight rates and shareholder returns. As a highly cyclical industry it is impacted by changes in the international economic and political environment. Increasing regulation, volatility in financial markets, risk of piracy, technological breakthroughs and environmental concerns have added to a very challenging business environment that puts even experienced shipping executives to the test.

How PwC can help

We are focused on assisting companies in the shipping industry to face the challenges and manage the risks of this ever changing world and to help them continue to be successful in this exciting industry. Our experience and network of dedicated industry practitioners positions PwC to provide you with quality audit and professional services uniquely tailored to the needs of a leading shipping company, whether family owned or publicly listed, large or small.

International Shipping Industry - Capability Statement

Our experience and network of dedicated shipping industry practitioners positions PwC to provide clients with quality audit and professional services uniquely tailored to large, global shipping and ports organisations. We have developed our Shipping and Ports expertise through working with the leading shipping and port companies in the world.

We have a long-standing and proven track record in auditing and consulting within the contexts of international shipping, ports, logistics and supply chain management.

PwC’s service offerings are staffed with highly qualified, experienced individuals and leaders in our profession. We provide services for deep sea, short sea and inland shipping companies, port authorities and terminal operators in the areas: audit and assurance, business advisory and global tax. PwC Canada’s Shipping & Ports practice has grown in step with the industry, supporting our clients through industry restructurings, regulatory transformations, technological advances and changes in financial reporting and corporate governance requirements.

Our investment in the shipping and ports industry provides you with professionals who understand the nuances of your industry and bring a continually fresh perspective to your organisation.

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