Emerging from the COVID-19 crisis: Canada’s opportunity

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The Canadian Advantage

When COVID-19 began its spread, few understood how significantly it would affect both Canada and the world. But while it has changed our expectations of how the future will look, it has also opened new doors of opportunity.

It has brought us together like never before. Governments have worked together. Businesses have worked together. And Canadians have worked together. Progress has been made on an unprecedented scale. In the face of a global threat, we embraced new ways of working, living, spending and connecting with our families and colleagues.

Now, as we begin to emerge from the devastation of COVID-19, we need to channel that sense of connectedness toward other big problems.

Recognizing the challenges ahead

Wealth disparities. The urban and rural divide. An aging population. Business and technology disruption. Climate change. These are significant challenges that, too often, get set aside because they’re so big in scope few think they’ll ever be resolved.

But we need to look at what we’ve achieved as a nation and as a world during the current crisis and recognize what we can accomplish when governments, businesses and people come together.

This is Canada’s opportunity.

In our perspective piece, Emerging from the COVID-19 crisis: Canada’s opportunity, we offer a starting point. We define what the Canadian advantage is and how it can help. And then we look at what we need to do to write a new story—a story where we not only address the complex challenges Canada faces as a nation, but where we become a leader others in the world look to follow.

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