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Changing dynamics

Real-time communications, advanced technologies, social networking—each of these is providing new avenues for people to play, engage and interact. To remain relevant and grow, the gaming industry needs to change. This means finding ways to engage with players and offering a customer-centric approach that suits their wants—mobile and social. The gaming industry also needs to rethink how it conducts business. Vendors, operators, governments, regulators and retailers: no one is immune from this change. For many, this means a major culture transformation.

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"When it comes to making gaming operations more player-centric, it's not just the technology that needs to change - it's the whole culture of the industry."

Challenges and opportunities in the gaming industry


We help you:

Transform into a customer-centric organization

The gaming industry is in the midst of a major upheaval. New technologies, real-time communications and social networking have created a dynamic environment where players are more connected than ever. Success in the sector will require transformation across organizations and the industry. Our experienced professionals will help you evolve into a customer-centric organization that understands and is ready to meet the needs of the next generation of players.

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Understand the player of today and tomorrow

To remain relevant, gaming businesses need to understand how these innovations impact their operations and how they can help create services that can give the players of tomorrow what they want—no matter where they live or how they want to engage. So how can you know what the player of today and the player of tomorrow will respond to, in order to start creating that right gaming environment? By creating a customer-centric approach across gaming platforms that creates a seamless experience for each player. We can help you create an effective customer-centric model that will help you understand the changing player and how you can evolve to meet their needs.

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Protect what matters most

Online gaming poses an array of risks to the industry—but it also represents the next step in gaming’s evolution. With heightened concern over the security of internet based information, how can gaming businesses provide immersive gaming experiences for the player while protecting their own assets and reputation? And how can government, regulators and gaming businesses create information security and governance processes that give confidence that no one is undermining the system? We can help you create a strategy that aligns activities across all aspects of their organization—people, processes and technology. A risk-based approach can bring cyber-security issues to front of mind while recognizing that the risk landscape will continue to evolve.

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Become more risk intelligent

A fragmented regulatory environment across the gaming industry presents risks to both gaming businesses and regulators; risks that will continue to grow as organizations experiment and expand into online and mobile gaming offerings. So how can you manage your gaming business when licensing and compliance requirements are different depending on the jurisdictions in which you operate? And how can you avoid the steep penalties that often result from being offside—from regulatory fines to losing your ability to operate? Whether you’re a regulator, an operator or a vendor in the gaming industry, risk management and compliance should be at the top of your executive agenda. We can help you implement a risk based approach to compliance that will help you manage industry and organizational risks effectively—no matter what jurisdictions you operate in.

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Make your business intelligence efforts more valuable

Critical to the growth of the gaming industry is a deep understand of who the players are, what they want and how operators can use player information to improve their experience. And given the interconnectivity of the players themselves, data collection can’t rely on siloed systems like it has in the past. To make decisions that are right for the future of your business, you need sound data and business intelligence. This will take knowing what information is important, how you’ll collect it and how you’ll make use of the results. We can help you align your business intelligence systems, tools and processes with your strategic objectives, so that you can grow your business long-term.

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