Energy Visions 2014: At a crossroads

Considered a high cost and LNG producer, can Canada compete for capital in today’s “post-peak oil” world?

In our Energy Visions 2014 report, global analysts and industry leaders provide their insights and perspectives on Canada at a crossroads: Considered a high-cost oil and LNG producer, can Canada compete for capital in today’s post-peak oil world? Our report focuses on the implications of being a high-cost producer and provides context on:

  • achieving parity with global energy prices
  • the on-going global competition for capital
  • cost containment
  • the role of government

A crossroads suggests the Canadian oil and gas industry is at a point where important decisions need to be made. The options are basically four-fold:

  1. return back along the single market path we’ve been on;
  2. turn left and emphasize a west coast pipeline and tidewater strategy;
  3. turn right and build a pipeline infrastructure to the east coast; or
  4. head straight ahead north into the unknown, which is rich in unconventional resources.

The dynamics of the global economy and the world’s energy markets mean Canada must be very strategic in choosing which direction to take. Canada’s shift from a continental to a global energy player will bring new market and geopolitical dynamics into play, including a range of new competitors. Our ability to understand market conditions and attract global investment will determine whether we prevail.

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