Decade of disruption

Energy Visions 2018

Is Canada ready for the global energy and technology convergence?

Global energy markets are changing

After a prolonged period of oversupply and low prices, the fundamentals of the global oil and gas market are shifting. Key factors influencing supply and demand are raising questions about the future of the energy mix while also altering what drives capital allocation, how the industry operates, national policies and broader geopolitics.

Producers have had to shift strategies due to these ever-changing market dynamics. They’re expected to do more with less and with greater environmental consideration—all amid growing uncertainty about the outlook for fossil fuels demand.

Over the next decade, Canadian producers are looking to evolve into stronger, more resilient players. In many cases, the keys to this are technology and innovation.


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Explore the impact of technology in oil and gas in our three reports:

Innovating to create new value

Given the increasingly uncertain global context, many Canadian producers have shifted priorities from making large-scale investments to creating better margins and higher returns. As a result, they’ve had to adapt their strategies, using technology to find new efficiencies and transform old ways of working.

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The pursuit of greener outcomes

The world’s at an inflection point when it comes to carbon. As industries move toward decarbonization, the oil and gas sector is in a position where innovation and collaboration can work to improve not only operational performance but environmental performance as well.

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Disruption on a global scale

Global energy markets are undergoing dramatic change. Technology is helping companies weather the storm of disruption, but over the long term, technology also has the power to disrupt the industry. So what makes the next 10 years the decade of disruption?

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“Our oil and gas industry has shown it can adapt to changing market conditions, survive and compete. And it will continue to do so as it uses innovation to overcome challenges and integrates new technologies into our future energy mix.”

—Reynold Tetzlaff, Calgary Managing Partner, PwC Canada

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In the next decade of disruption, how can oil and gas companies use technology to create competitive advantage?


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