Bank performance management

Our team can work with you to review your current costing and profitability systems and processes to identify what changes could achieve greater value. The ultimate evidence of value is when the resulting information is used to make decisions or to drive behaviours that lead to increased bottom-line results.

PwC’s Bank Performance Management team is well qualified to conduct a focused benefits realization review of your performance management practices to identify how you can realize more value from your investments. We also provide assistance in all areas of profitability management including implementing systems solutions, advising on measurement methodology options, diagnostics on unprofitable products or segments, and building profitability models. Members of our team have advised each of the Canadian banks in major areas of performance management including activity-based costing, funds transfer pricing, profitability modeling.

Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Enhancing costing and profitability information
  • Review of profitability measurement methodologies
  • Enhancing the use of analytical tools to strengthen the value of profitability management
  • Development of systems and processes for costing and profitability measurement
  • Profitability modeling and business casing
  • Tax transfer pricing allocation processes and systems

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