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Workforce: Protect your people and assets

Common challenges and worries

  • Tracking and having visibility into the safety, security and well-being of your workforce, including those on business travel and secondment. Travellers may be subject to quarantines, or may overstay visas due to travel restrictions.

  • Protecting employees and keeping the work environment safe, particularly for those in critical business operations roles.

  • Having timely and accurate information—and ability to fact-check it—in order to make important workforce decisions (e.g., regulation requirements, travel bans, evacuations).

  • Ability for leaders to confidently guide their workforce, while inspiring them, managing fear, and reliably communicating news and contingency planning.

  • Having the infrastructure and management capabilities to support flexible and remote work arrangements.

  • Setting up hotlines so your workforce can ask questions and you can provide guidance and manage misinformation.

  • Managing and getting ahead of any negative publicity in cases where you don’t respond in “just the right way."

Suggested next steps

  • Align leaders on crisis communications readiness, and develop strategy and execution plans.

  • Get HR ready: review flexible and remote work, immigration, travel, first aid, and other relevant policies and regulations.

  • Ensure workforce safety: test emergency contact systems and ensure the accuracy of contact information for all employees.

  • Ramp up remote working and communication capabilities, prioritizing technology, IT infrastructure and security.

  • Review contingency plans for compromised infrastructure, power, water, fuel, transport.

  • Ensure the site management team’s readiness on crisis response protocols (e.g., OSHA compliance) for those on-site.

How we’ve helped others

In the wake of a prolific virus outbreak, a governmental client needed to rapidly reach out to their 270,000 health employees across the country. We worked directly with senior government officials to develop the internal communications strategy and plans for the Ministry of Health. We drafted content for internal communications on raising awareness of the virus in non-affected hospitals. This expanded to inform all health employees of the risks of a different outbreak on another continent. We also included a number of new communication channels to help drive employees online, including communication hotspots in sites across the country.

Our team has also helped multiple clients in the areas of communications, leadership alignment, and behavioural change as part of large scale risk and regulatory/crisis response.

You are not alone. We are here to help.


  • Global employee mobility

  • Immigration deployment and workforce planning

  • Flexible work arrangements and remote working models

  • Health and welfare benefits planning


  • Human capital management strategies

  • Leadership and communications

  • Communications strategy and planning: direct to affected areas; duty of care; reactive communications

Emerge stronger

  • Remote technology planning, IT infrastructure, security plans

  • Company purpose and strategy planning

  • Inclusive work culture

  • Corporate culture

  • Employee well-being strategy

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Jean McClellan

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