Louis-Patrick Boulianne

Louis-Patrick Boulianne

Partner, SR&ED and other Government Incentives Practice, PwC Canada

As your SR&ED Engagement Partner, Louis-Patrick will work with the financial and technical leads to develop a proper scoping and claim strategy and to identify SR&ED projects on a timely basis with the goal of securing your fair share of SR&ED entitlement — no more, no less.

Louis-Patrick is the partner in charge of PwC’s SR&ED group in the province of Quebec. In his role, he assists clients in identifying, documenting and appraising tax credits, grants and other types of government incentives.

Louis-Patrick holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and has over twenty-five years of and expertise experience in the development of software, optical, electrical, mechanical and telecommunication systems ranging from military to commercial applications.

Louis-Patrick is the founder of two high tech companies where he has direct experience in successfully claiming SR&ED tax incentives to the tune of millions of dollars annually. During this period, Louis-Patrick directly conducted and managed R&D activities.

At PwC Canada, during the last 14 years, Louis-Patrick has been involved as a key technical contributor in some of the largest and most complex technology claims filed in Canada.

Louis-Patrick provides services to a great number of clients operating in the fields of high technologies, instrumentation, manufacturing, mining, telecommunications and computer science. His experience in these sectors, combined with his first-hand knowledge of new technologies (artificial intelligence, loT, automatisation, cloud computing, etc.) puts him in a good position to optimize tax credit and grant application requests in an efficient manner, for start-up and multinational companies alike.


  • 25 years of expertise in electronics, Software and Optics-photonics related to the telecommunication, IT, Banking, Insurance, Aerospace and Instrumentation Industries


  • R&D incentives (SRED - E-business Tax Credit - Multimedia Titles Tax Credit - etc.)


  • Masters in Electrical Engineering
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