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Transcript: 23rd Global Annual CEO Survey overview—Canadian insights

This year we surveyed over 1,500 CEOs across the globe for PwC’s 23rd Annual CEO Survey.

Globally, CEOs are more uncertain than ever. Canadian CEOs are even more uncertain than their global counterparts. In fact optimism in global economic growth is the lowest it’s been in the last five years.

Canadian CEO’s diminished confidence can be attributed to concerns around availability of key skills, trade conflicts, climate change and the growing complexity of cybersecurity risks.

Despite this uncertainty, Canadian business leaders still see some upside. / Seven out of ten CEOs are confident about their own growth prospects in the next year.   

A key area of opportunity is upskilling their workforce. 

However, in an increasingly digital world, Canadian CEOs understand the importance of having the right skills in place. /  However most CEOs say that their upskilling plans aren’t yet meeting the evolving needs of their business. 

To create successful upskilling programs, organizations need to take a holistic approach.  / One that ensures the right mix of soft, technical and digital skills. 

Establishing strong environmental, social and corporate governance is also an important differentiator.

A robust cybersecurity strategy is key to future proofing organizations so that they can protect value.

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