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Why PwC?

Create your future

Life at PwC Canada

Starting a new job is incredibly exciting, and we know you want to find the right fit so you can find a place where you belong and feel comfortable being yourself. Let us show you who we are and what a career with us can give you. At PwC Canada, we continuously invest in our people and cultivate a collaborative work environment that values unique perspectives. You'll build a network that’ll last for life and have the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to help solve important problems, empowered by technology to turn today's ideas into tomorrow's solutions.

We can help create a future where you . . .


We thrive on diversity, and so will you. Discover a life that works for you with our diverse, inclusive and flexible culture.

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We thrive on innovation and all the great ideas our people bring to the table. We “went Google” to give our people tools that enable collaboration and promote flexible working environments.

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Live your potential starting on Day 1. Grow your career with a clear path, with leaders who will give you the chance to lead.

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Our purpose and values are an intrinsic part of our day-to-day lives—whether it’s reimagining the possible for our clients or volunteering for causes to show our communities we care.

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Our vision

Creating leaders, inspiring people and bringing perspectives together to achieve what matters most.

Our values

Our values guide us in every decision our people make. Whether it’s working together on a project or volunteering for important causes, these values are at the core of who we are when working with our clients and our colleagues to build trust in society and solve important problems:

We act with integrity.

We make a difference.

We care.

We work together.

We reimagine the possible.


People are at the core of our business

You’re what sets us apart and pushes us forward. We’re committed to being inclusive, and we pride ourselves on providing equal opportunities for success and development. PwC Canada is truly a place where everyone can bring their passions and whole selves to work and collaborate to solve important problems.

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity are a priority because we need the best available talent to help our clients, people and communities achieve what matters most.

Inclusion networks

Our inclusion networks are made up of partners, staff and allies who share common interests and objectives. Our groups include Early Career Professionals, the Differently Abled Wellness Network (DAWN), Black Professionals, Ex-Military, Shine (an inclusive business network for our LGBTQ2+ community), Latin Connection, Women UpFront and the South Asian Business Network.

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership is a career-development program focused on providing insights, tools, networks and experiences that facilitate the personal and professional growth and aspirations of our diverse female talent.


You can work and dress flexibly within a culture that supports your personal and professional interests and preferences. Since flexibility means different things to different people, you can discuss with your coach how you can best take advantage of the following opportunities:

Flexible dress

We trust you to choose the clothes to wear to work that best represent yourself and our brand. Our flexible dress code is called #DressForYourDay, and it’s about being yourself and being comfortable throughout the work week.

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Remote working

We know you don’t need to be at the office or client site to be “at work” and that includes working virtually. Whether you’re meeting with clients and colleagues on Google Hangouts or collaborating on a project using Google Docs, you’ll be able to get your work done from wherever you are.

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Reduced hours

This arrangement lets you work less than full time, either by working fewer days per week, fewer hours per day or a combination. It’s perfect for spending more time with friends or raising a family.

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Flexible time away

Do you need more time to spend with family and friends or to travel around the world? With our flexible time away program, you can take unpaid time off, over and above your vacation entitlement, while still being covered by our benefits plan.

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Flex days

We know how hard you work. So if you’ve been working long hours or just finished a major assignment, why not take a paid day off? It’s not counted as part of your regular vacation time.

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Choose the pattern of your daily work hours. Start and end your regular-length work day at the times most suitable to you.

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Compressed work week

With this arrangement, you can work a standard work week in fewer than five days.

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Job sharing

Job sharing allows two people to jointly fulfil the responsibilities of one full-time position.

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Be well, work well

Be well, work well is PwC’s investment in wellbeing. It’s propelled by a simple, unifying goal: helping you perform at your best, at work, at home and everywhere in between. This is a key component of our people strategy, marking PwC’s commitment to creating an environment where we can be our best selves.

Be well, work well is all about putting the power of PwC’s resources behind you to help support your journey to greater physical and mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing and lifestyle benefit

We care about you maintaining a healthy lifestyle and focusing on your personal wellbeing. That’s why we offer an annual Wellbeing and Lifestyle benefit for all our eligible people. You can use this annual benefit towards a variety of wellbeing expenses such as fitness expenses, exercise equipment, nutritionist consultation, art therapy, meditation apps and programs, and much more!

Enhanced mental health benefit

With this benefit, you (and each of your dependents) have access to financial support for mental health coverage. The expanded list of eligible providers includes psychologists, social workers, clinical counsellors, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and marriage/family therapists. The coverage also includes Digital Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (iCBT) provided by a licensed practitioner.

Medical and dental benefits

PwC’s flexbenefits program provides choice, competitive value and innovative features. It puts you in charge of deciding how to spend the money that PwC provides for your benefits so you can best meet the needs of you and your family.

Employee and family assistance program

Our EFAP is a life and wellness resource provided at no cost to you and your family members offering a range of services including legal, financial, nutritional, naturopathic, family support, community referrals and health coaching. The program is completely confidential and available online or in person, to fit your schedule.

Family support

We provide you with the support needed following the birth of a child including top-up payments, a variety of flexible working arrangements and financial assistance for adoption and surrogacy. We also have an in-house employee network group for parents with children.

Back-up child and elder care

At one time or another, it’s likely you’ll juggle work and life priorities such as child or supporting aging parents. We offer back-up child and elder care to assist working parents and guardians when emergencies arise with your regular care arrangements.



You and your family members will have access to thousands of unique savings programs, from national brand name companies to local businesses. Perks for entertainment, dining, gym membership, travel and many more are being added all the time.

Employee banking program

We care about our people’s financial wellbeing. We’ve teamed up with one of Canada’s leading banks to offer an exclusive banking program to our full- and part-time employees as well as their immediate family members.

Rewards and recognition

It’s important to us that you feel rewarded and recognized for living our values and delivering exceptional impact. Here are a few ways we recognize you:

Competitive compensation package

PwC offers a competitive, market leading compensation package along with other financial and non-financial rewards to recognize our employees.

Everyday recognition

You can show your appreciation for others everyday through our social recognition platform. You’re also able to redeem points for amazing gifts and experiences!

Long service awards

Recognizing and rewarding the commitment and loyalty shown to PwC over the years is of great importance to the firm. Staff members are recognized at 5-year intervals, starting at 5 years of service through cash rewards.

Your network for life

PwC is a lifelong experience, and you can stay connected to the firm as a member of the PwC Alumni Network. Throughout your experience with us, you’ll have many opportunities to develop your skills and grow your network with other staff and partners. We help you stay connected—wherever your career takes you.


It’s about continuous development

Continuous development involves creating an environment where we’re all inspired to look for opportunities to develop ourselves and others. Our approach is tailored to help you realize your potential, think like a leader and take responsibility for building your career. We’ve seen measurable results from our approach, including increased engagement, improved self-confidence and higher performance in our people.

We’ve adopted a unique development framework called the PwC Professional.

One of the programs that sets us apart is our EWP, which help you develop yourself and others.

We’re committed to helping you develop and master the skills that will set you apart.

We want you to achieve your full potential, and that’s why our culture focuses on coaching.

You'll have access to a search engine that gives you personalized learning experiences to grow your career.

PwC has offices in 157 countries for you to grow your career and expand your knowledge.

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Innovation starts with you

Join a team where you’ll innovate and use technology to help solve important problems and deliver differently. The sustained pace of technological and social change means new opportunities are constantly emerging—to enter new markets, change the way we work and redefine our relationships. We’re also investing in our people and digitizing the firm, so we can all deliver differently.

Living the future of work

We’re investing to create the workplace of the future and using technology for a competitive advantage. It’s a bold step toward providing the value our clients want as we prepare our people to grow, thrive and reach their potential in a world that isn’t slowing down. We can’t hire all of the skills that are needed. And we have an obligation to continue to develop our people by providing them with the most relevant skills.

  • We’re raising our digital skills: Through a culture of continual learning, we’re empowering personal and professional digital upskilling—in key competencies like artificial intelligence and using industry-leading tools in data visualization, automation and analysis.
  • We’re encouraging a digital mindset: We’re creating an engine of innovation, putting digital tools in the hands of our people to better use data.

New world. New skills.

We’re reimagining the possible, every day

Our Experience Centres

Our centres in Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto and Victoria are canvases for innovation, transforming organizations by creating amazing new experiences for their customers and employees. With them, we join a global network of more than 35 creative spaces where we build tomorrow with our clients. Through agility, the start-up method and design thinking, we help you explore the impact of digital transformation.

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Our innovation office

We’re redefining the future of work: we incubate new business opportunities, identify and deploy modern technologies, look for disruptive opportunities and lead large-scale cultural change. Our Innovation Office steers our commitment to innovation, and Chief Innovation Officer Chris Dulny is bringing our innovation agenda to life for our people and clients. He brings a wealth of experience and relationships from the Canadian and global innovation, start-up, technology and emerging tech spaces.


Time to make a difference 

In a rapidly changing business environment, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. And this purpose guides our decisions and shapes our conversations. When you’re working with us, we want you to be inspired by what you do and bring your best self every day—to achieve what matters most to you.

Corporate responsibility

We have a responsibility to uphold ethics, transparency and integrity in all aspects of our work. Our people are leaders who can promote trust in business and use their skills and relationships to support more ethical and responsible behaviour in the marketplace.

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Community engagement

Our goals are to continue encouraging our people to engage in meaningful community experiences that build capabilities, recognizing our people for their community work and developing relationships across public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Environmental stewardship

We’re building awareness of our environmental footprint and taking measurable steps to reduce it through our daily practices. We continue to engage our employees in a dialogue about environmental stewardship and make progress toward measuring and monitoring our footprint.

Responsible business

We play a significant role in the world’s capital markets. We take pride that our people and services help improve the credibility, transparency and reliability of financial statements and information that help guide investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions.