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Innovation starts with you

We work at the intersection of business and technology, so we want you to help us reimagine the possible. The sustained pace of technological and social change means new opportunities are constantly emerging—to enter new markets, change the way we work and redefine our relationships. We’re also investing in our people and digitizing the firm, so we can all deliver differently.

Tech-enabled recruitment process

Technology, inclusion and innovation are at the forefront of our application process, and our approach to hiring students is different from that used by many of our competitors. We’ve embraced technology by using a cloud-based online application platform, on-demand video interviews and games. Collectively, these create a seamless, efficient and convenient application process for you. It saves you time and gives you flexibility.

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Opportunities in STEM

Do you have a major or a minor in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics (STEM)? With new developments emerging all the time, we’re helping our clients explore how they can harness technology and improve their businesses. 

The projects you’ll work on will help strengthen your business acumen and technical expertise. You’ll work in an agile, entrepreneurial and progressive environment, focusing on engagements of varying sizes and across diverse industries.


Living the future of work

We’re investing to create the workplace of the future and using technology for a competitive advantage. It’s a bold step toward providing the value our clients want as we prepare our people to grow, thrive and reach their potential in a world that isn’t slowing down. We can’t hire all of the skills that are needed. And we have an obligation to continue to develop our people by providing them with the most relevant skills.

  • We’re raising our digital skills: Through a culture of continual learning, we’re empowering personal and professional digital upskilling—in key competencies like artificial intelligence and using industry-leading tools in data visualization, automation and analysis.
  • We’re encouraging a digital mindset: We’re creating an engine of innovation, putting digital tools in the hands of our people to better use data.

We’re reimagining the possible, every day

Our Experience Centres

Our centres in Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto and Victoria are canvases for innovation, transforming organizations by creating amazing new experiences for their customers and employees. With them, we join a global network of more than 35 creative spaces where we build tomorrow with our clients. Through agility, the start-up method and design thinking, we help you explore the impact of digital transformation.

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Our innovation office

We’re redefining the future of work: we incubate new business opportunities, identify and deploy modern technologies, look for disruptive opportunities and lead large-scale cultural change. Our Innovation Office steers our commitment to innovation, and Chief Innovation Officer Chris Dulny is bringing our innovation agenda to life for our people and clients. He brings a wealth of experience and relationships from the Canadian and global innovation, start-up, technology and emerging tech spaces.

Discover a life that works for you with our diverse, inclusive and flexible culture. We thrive on diversity, and so will you.

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Live your potential starting Day 1. Grow your career with a clear path with leaders who will give you the chance to lead.

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Everyone’s priorities are different. Be a part of a team where you can find your purpose and launch a career that matters to you.

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