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Join an innovative community and develop solutions for important problems

Innovation starts with you

We work at the intersection of business and technology, so we want you to help us reimagine the possible. The sustained pace of technological and social change means new opportunities are constantly emerging—to enter new markets, change the way we work and redefine our relationships. We’re also investing in our people and digitizing the firm, so we can all deliver differently.

Tech-enabled recruitment process

Technology, inclusion and innovation are at the forefront of our application process, and our approach to hiring students is different from that used by many of our competitors. We’ve embraced technology by using a cloud-based online application platform, on-demand video interviews and games. Collectively, these create a seamless, efficient and convenient application process for you. It saves you time and gives you flexibility.

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Opportunities in STEM

Do you have a major or a minor in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics (STEM)? With new developments emerging all the time, we’re helping our clients explore how they can harness technology and improve their businesses. 

The projects you’ll work on will help strengthen your business acumen and technical expertise. You’ll work in an agile, entrepreneurial and progressive environment, focusing on engagements of varying sizes and across diverse industries.


Program type: co-op  
This is a non-CPA program.

Our Actuarial professionals use complex financial and statistical theories to calculate the likelihood of events. As an actuary, you’ll work out what that means financially for clients. Our work makes a difference in determining insurance premiums, managing financial risks for banks and establishing a company’s retirement plan. It’s highly technical work that is also challenging and creative as you find new and innovative ways to distill complex findings into easy-to-digest information for clients.

Our actuarial practice includes Atuarial Life, Property and Casualty (P&C) and Pensions.

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Financial Crime

Program type: full-time, co-op
These are Non-CPA Programs.

In a digital and data-driven world, threats such as security, financial crime, safety, reliability, privacy and data ethics are becoming increasingly intertwined and complex. At PwC, our CP&FC professionals help organizations integrate, optimize and mature their traditionally siloed strategies and defences against these converging threats. This enables our clients to innovate with speed and confidence to outpace their industry peers and create new value for their customers and society. You may experience working in Strategy, Transformation and Risk, Implementation and Operation or Crisis Management.

Management Consulting

Program type: full-time
This is a Non-CPA Program.

Our Consulting professionals deliver practical, insightful advice that gets straight to the heart of big business issues and implementation services all the way from strategy to execution. They help organizations of all shapes and sizes reach their goals by navigating and thriving in a rapidly changing business environment.

Management Consulting Program

You’ll join as an Associate in the Foundations for the Future (FFTF) program, which is a 2 year program that will teach you how to become great consultants. You’ll help organizations of all shapes and sizes grow faster and work smarter, helping to solve problems that matter. Whatever issues you’re resolving on their behalf, you’ll work with inspiring leaders and teams with diverse backgrounds including engineering, science, math, commerce, accounting and technology, who’ll help you achieve your goals and be your best.

When you join us, we will align you to Front Office Transformation, Digital Operations, HR Transformation, Finance Transformation, Digital Procurement, Workforce of the Future or Technology Strategy and Transformation to make sure you are a part of a community with the ability to work across teams to allow you to work on a variety of projects. This alignment will be balanced with the firm’s business needs to make sure we provide new resources to those areas that are higher in need and are growing rapidly.

“As an associate, I’ve felt incredibly supported by my peers and managers on every team I've worked on. I’m pushed out of my comfort zone in the best way possible on each project to learn and challenge myself, and I feel inspired by those around me to create positive outcomes for clients, the firm, and the people I work with.”

—Sophie Bruneau Associate, Vancouver

Risk Assurance

For our CPA Pre-Approved Programs we offer full-time, co-op and summer internship opportunities.
For our non-CPA program we offer co-op opportunities.

In our CPA Pre-Approved Risk Assurance program, you’ll help clients navigate today’s complex business environment and manage the unknowns that can set them off course. You’ll evaluate or implement a company’s governance procedures, processes, information and controls and look at them with a fresh eye. We focus on areas like technology, finance, data analytics, projects and transformations, regulatory requirements, internal audit projects, sustainability/corporate social responsibility and the third parties on which our clients rely.

We provide broad support across a business to elevate trust and transparency and give stakeholders information about whether risks are anticipated and understood. And we make sure if and when risks arise that they’re managed strategically and resiliently.

In the Risk Assurance Non-CPA program, you’ll help clients navigate today’s complex business and technology environment and help them build trust and confidence in the systems and processes enabled by technology they depend on to run their businesses.Today’s interconnected digital ecosystem means that handling the immediate and long-term impact of risks is a major concern for our clients. Our clients are also investing in technology to transform their businesses and turn risks into opportunities.  Our team in risk assurance helps our clients create proactive, preventative and holistic approaches to information risk, bringing a full range of expertise to address our clients’ business challenges.

“The thing I love the most about PwC is the people I work with. I felt included from the minute I started and was provided with great learning opportunities, always accompanied with amazing coaching and support. In my short time at PwC, I already see how much I’ve grown as a professional, as a team player and as an individual, which makes me look forward to the years to come.”

—Eli Mignault Associate, Montreal

Technology Consulting

Program type: full-time
This is a Non-CPA Program.

With new developments emerging all the time, we’re helping our clients explore how they can harness technology and improve their business. Our size enables us to be transformative, foster innovation and test new technologies. We help our clients recognize the transformative nature of technology to help solve important problems and create value.

There are three different areas you can join us in. You'll be asked to apply directly to only one of the following areas based on your area of interest.


As a global alliance partner with Salesforce, we deliver highly customized digital solutions to our clients that help create a sustainable, competitive advantage that revolutionizes their business.


SAP at PwC is a business integration team. We bring a mix of functional, technical, industry and business perspectives to our clients’ projects with a clear focus on transforming their business operations. We help our clients define their SAP strategy from start to finish.


We’re the largest Workday Services Partner in Canada. We help clients use mobile and cloud technology to drive business transformation, increase workforce effectiveness and make the most of powerful analytics applications.

Living the future of work

We’re investing to create the workplace of the future and using technology for a competitive advantage. It’s a bold step toward providing the value our clients want as we prepare our people to grow, thrive and reach their potential in a world that isn’t slowing down. We can’t hire all of the skills that are needed. And we have an obligation to continue to develop our people by providing them with the most relevant skills.

  • We’re raising our digital skills: Through a culture of continual learning, we’re empowering personal and professional digital upskilling—in key competencies like artificial intelligence and using industry-leading tools in data visualization, automation and analysis.
  • We’re encouraging a digital mindset: We’re creating an engine of innovation, putting digital tools in the hands of our people to better use data.

We’re reimagining the possible, every day

Our Experience Centres

Our centres in Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto and Victoria are canvases for innovation, transforming organizations by creating amazing new experiences for their customers and employees. With them, we join a global network of more than 35 creative spaces where we build tomorrow with our clients. Through agility, the start-up method and design thinking, we help you explore the impact of digital transformation.

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Our innovation office

We’re redefining the future of work: we incubate new business opportunities, identify and deploy modern technologies, look for disruptive opportunities and lead large-scale cultural change. Our Innovation Office steers our commitment to innovation, and Chief Innovation Officer Chris Dulny is bringing our innovation agenda to life for our people and clients. He brings a wealth of experience and relationships from the Canadian and global innovation, start-up, technology and emerging tech spaces.

Discover a life that works for you with our diverse, inclusive and flexible culture. We thrive on diversity, and so will you.

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Live your potential starting Day 1. Grow your career with a clear path with leaders who will give you the chance to lead.

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Everyone’s priorities are different. Be a part of a team where you can find your purpose and launch a career that matters to you.

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