Why PwC

The opportunity of a lifetime


Starting a new job and kick-starting your career is incredibly exciting, but it’s also daunting. We know you want to find the right fit so you can feel comfortable and excited about your work. Let us show you who we are and what a career at PwC can offer you.


Our culture

At PwC, our people are what set us apart and drive us forward. We pride ourselves on providing equal opportunities for success and development. We’re committed to being diverse and inclusive—to creating a place where everyone can bring their passions and whole selves to work and collaborate to solve the important problems of today and tomorrow.

While we’re incredibly diverse, our purpose and values are shared. They guide us in every decision we make. Whether it’s working together on a project or volunteering for an important cause, these values are at the core of who we are.





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At PwC, our purpose is… 

to build trust in society and solve important problems






Our values

When working with our clients and our colleagues to build trust in society and solve important problems:



We act with integrity.



We make a difference.

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We care.



We work together.



We reimagine the possible.





Flexibility, benefits and development


PwC is a place where you can work flexibly in a culture that supports your personal and professional interests. And since flexibility means different things to different people, we created myLife. You’ll discuss with your coach how you can best take advantage of these opportunities.

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Flexible dress

We trust you to choose the clothes to wear to work that best represent yourself and the PwC Brand. It’s about being yourself and being comfortable throughout the work week as part of our flexible dress code called #DressForYourDay.

We recognize that saving for the future is an important part of personal financial planning. The firm helps you save for your retirement and other personal financial goals by sponsoring the investments pension and savings plans. The focus is on flexibility, tax effectiveness and convenience.
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Remote working

We know you don’t need to be at the office or client site to be “at work.” It’s just one of the reasons we’ve Gone Google. Whether you’re meeting with clients and colleagues on Google Hangouts or collaborating on a project using shared docs, you’ll be able to get your work done from wherever you are.

We recognize that saving for the future is an important part of personal financial planning. The firm helps you save for your retirement and other personal financial goals by sponsoring the investments pension and savings plans. The focus is on flexibility, tax effectiveness and convenience.
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Reduced hours

This arrangement allows you to work less than full-time, either by working fewer days per week, fewer hours per day or a combination. It’s perfect for spending more time with friends or starting to raise a family.

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Flexible time away (FTA)

Do you need more time to spend with family and friends or to travel around the world? With our FTA program, you can take unpaid time off, over and above your vacation entitlement, while still being covered by our benefits plan.


Flex days

We know how hard you work. So if you’ve been working long hours or just finished a major assignment, why not take a paid day off—not counted as part of your regular vacation time?



Choose the pattern of your daily work hours. Start and end your regular-length workday at the times most suitable to you.


6 for 65

As your career progresses, you’ll have opportunities to use our “6 for 65” program: work six months of the year and enjoy partially funded time off for the remaining six months.


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Compressed work week

With this arrangement, you can work a standard work week in less than five days.

We recognize that saving for the future is an important part of personal financial planning. The firm helps you save for your retirement and other personal financial goals by sponsoring the investments pension and savings plans. The focus is on flexibility, tax effectiveness and convenience.

Benefits and programs

At PwC, we recognize that not everyone has the same needs or lifestyle. So we put you in charge: you choose the benefits that make the most sense for you and your family.

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Medical and dental benefits

Choice, value and innovative features: with flexbenefits, you decide how to spend the money we provide. You determine the best way to meet your needs and those of your family. For example, depending on your opt-in level, you could get up to $1,000 a year for physiotherapy and $650 a year for massages.

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Wellbeing & Lifestyle Benefit

We care about you focusing on your personal wellness. That's why we provide you with the flexibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle with our Wellbeing and Lifestyle benefit that you can use for anything that will help you improve your overall sense of personal well-being covering mind, body and soul.



As a PwC employee, you and your family members will have access to more than 1,100 unique savings programs, from brand-name companies to small shops. Tickets, dining, shoes, travel…new perks are being added all the time.


Employee and family assistance program

Our consultative and information support services include legal, financial, nutritional, naturopathic and family support, community referrals and health coaching. They’re available to you in complete confidence, online or in person, to fit your day-to-day schedule.

Staff appreciation days

To recognize and show appreciation to all of our people by providing them with more ways to achieve flexibility everyday, all eligible staff are entitled to two “Staff Appreciation” days annually - over and above annual vacation entitlement and statutory/personal floater days.

Continuous development at PwC

At PwC, you’ll be given many opportunities to excel, and your career path will be tailored to help you thrive. You’ll be able to build your career through the opportunities we provide, gaining skills and experience that will benefit you for life.

PwC Professional

PwC Professional

We’ve adopted a unique and effective development framework called the PwC Professional. It’s designed to help our people hone the skills and capabilities they need to grow their careers, deliver on our business strategy and provide value to our clients. The PwC Professional will prepare you to take new opportunities throughout your career, as you learn skills in five key areas:

  • relationships
  • global acumen
  • whole leadership
  • technical capabilities
  • business acumen

We look for these attributes in our new hires and encourage our people to develop their capabilities continuously.

Learn more about the PwC Professional


Enhanced Working Practices

One of the programs that sets us apart is our award-winning Enhanced Working PracticesTM (EWPTM), which enable you to develop yourself and others on the job every day. At the heart of our EWPTM approach is the concept of “Teach, don’t tell”—using open-ended questions that teach our people to think and learn, rather than just telling our people the answer. This is supported by the use of five on-the-job “routines”:

  • shadowing
  • lessons learned
  • team workshops
  • rounds and observation
  • feedback
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CPA support

We support you every step of the way on your journey to complete your Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) training with our pre-approved programs. Our dedicated CPA Centre of Excellence professionals work hard to make sure you’re well positioned for success.

Learn more about our CPA support

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We’re committed to helping you develop and master the skills that will set you apart. We help you develop through a combination of learning on the job, formal learning and learning from others.

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We want you to achieve your full potential. From day one, you’ll be assigned a coach to help you develop your skills, diversify your experiences and achieve your career aspirations. Our culture focuses on building relationships, so we can share, connect and learn from one another.


“Providing our people with diverse experiences and continuous learning is critical if we are to achieve our purpose. I enjoy working in an environment that allows me to challenge the status quo and innovate on a daily basis.”

Penny Partridge, Human Capital Leader 



Our Canadian offices

PwC Canada has 26 offices from coast to coast, catering to a variety of industries and businesses and offering diverse career development opportunities. Select a region to view our office locations and learn about the opportunities that await you.






More about PwC Canada

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Global mobility…a world of opportunity awaits you

With us, your opportunity of a lifetime can take you anywhere in the world. PwC has offices in 157 countries worldwide for you to grow your career, expand your knowledge and experience new cultures.

The possibilities at PwC are as open as you choose to make them. We send our people all over the world through a variety of assignment types, including multi-year assignments, short-term assignments (three to nine months) and international business travel for your current clients.



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The sustained pace of technological and social change means that new opportunities are constantly emerging—to enter new markets, work more naturally, capture more value, use technology for competitive advantage and redefine our relationships.

PwC Canada’s Innovation Office is redefining the future of work: we incubate new business opportunities, identify and deploy modern technologies, look for disruptive opportunities and lead large-scale cultural change.

As a PwC staff member, you can join the Innovation Office for a short term project of your design, gaining a forum to reimagine the possible.



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Diversity and inclusion

At PwC, diversity and inclusion is a priority because we need the best available talent to create value for our clients, people and communities. We hire and nurture professionals with a variety of approaches to problem solving who are willing to challenge the status quo, who think differently from one another and who come from many different backgrounds and cultures. To solve important problems, we need to use the power of our differences.

One of the many ways we celebrate and encourage diversity is through our Employee Network Groups. These groups are made up of partners and staff who share a common set of interests, allowing them to engage in activities that help build connections and strengthen relationships. Our groups include: Women UpFront, Black Professionals, South Asian Business Network, GLEE (Gay, Lesbian and Everyone Else), Ex-Military, Latin Connection, Early Career Professionals.

Find out more about diversity at PwC






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Corporate responsibility

At PwC, we believe we have a responsibility to uphold and embody ethics, transparency and integrity in all aspects of our work. Our people are leaders who can promote trust in business and use their skills and relationships to promote more ethical and responsible behaviour in the marketplace.

By exemplifying responsible leadership and showcasing how corporate responsibility and sustainability are core parts of strong governance and organizational accountability, we can make a significant difference in the success of our people, clients and communities.

Find out more about our corporate responsibility strategy





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PwC Canada’s alumni program

When you join PwC, you engage with tomorrow’s business and industry leaders. Throughout your experience with us, you’ll have many opportunities not only to develop your skills but to grow your network with other talented PwC staff and partners.

We help you stay connected, wherever your career takes you, with PwC Canada’s alumni program.

PwC is a lifelong experience. Keep in touch with your former colleagues, mentors and friends, and be part of a network of thousands of professionals who call themselves PwC Canada alumni.

Learn more about our alumni program





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