Navjot on moving to Canada in search of a better life

January 18, 2022

As a new immigrant, I find PwC Canada to be a great organization to work for. The people are so welcoming, and the firm has a reputation for excellence. As a manager at PwC Canada, I’ve been able to build just the life my wife and I wanted for our new daughter.

In June 2019, my wife and I packed up and moved from India to Canada. Our biggest motivation for leaving was quality of life. We needed to think ahead—if we were planning on having kids, we wanted them to be able to take advantage of what it would be like to grow up in Canada.

Navjot and his wife

We arrived here with a little money and a lot of hope. We didn’t have jobs lined up, but I was prepared to do whatever I needed to build a life. It was serendipitous that I saw the posting for this role at PwC Canada, since I actually had a similar role with PwC India. It felt like a complete stroke of luck, and the timing was perfect.

My colleagues at PwC Canada helped me adjust to life here, not just in regard to my new role, but also to the culture of the office—and they’ve even helped me navigate Canadian winter.

During the pandemic, I’ve felt confident in my job because of all PwC Canada is doing to support its people. This includes sharing regular firm communications, providing access to health and wellness experts and parenting supports, and even giving extra paid time off. All of this has helped me feel comfortable buying a house and starting to grow our family.

In fact, we welcomed a new family member in April 2021: a baby girl, who has quickly taught us “on-the-job training” as parents!

Navjot is a manager in PwC Canada’s Procurement department. He’s also on the back-to-office committee, and he looks forward to connecting with his colleagues in the office.