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We’re proud to announce our 2021 new partners

Nicolas Marcoux

"Congratulations to our PwC Canada partner class of 2021! Our new partners' accomplishments have led them to an exciting milestone in their career and they're here to help you solve your most important problems."

Nicolas Marcoux
CEO, PwC Canada

Meet our 2021 new partners

James Anderson
Consulting, Vancouver

"I focus on business-led, technology-enabled digital transformation from strategy to execution. I'm passionate about collaborating with organizations to build industry-leading capabilities, accelerate growth and rapidly respond to customer needs."

Benoit Auger
Consulting, Montréal

"I help finance teams bring more value by becoming better business partners and using technology to its fullest. I work with them to digitize the finance function, increase efficiency and become performance leaders in their organizations."

Jordan Baimel
Deals, Toronto

"I help organizations navigate the complexities and nuances of M&A transactions in the financial services sector. I focus on combining industry expertise with data-driven insights to create value across the deal life cycle."

Lauren Bermack
Deals, Toronto

"I help my clients by providing independent and objective valuation advice so they can make better decisions and advance their strategic, financial and tax goals."

Gurpreet Brar
Deals, Winnipeg

"I'm passionate about supporting the success of business owners, CEOs, CFOs and management teams of private companies looking for help with strategic advisory and M&A matters in the Prairies regionally and the agribusiness sector nationally."

Louanne Buckley
IFS, Oakville

"The most trusted organizations experience better financial performance. For me, trust is all about authentic leadership. By winning the hearts and minds of stakeholders, we can inspire something greater."

Joelle Carroll Bilodeau
Consulting, Montréal

"The pandemic has only amplified the magnitude and pace of change and the urgency to redesign and transform organizations. I help organizations rise to this challenge by embracing and adapting to the future of work."

Lav Chadha
Tax, Vancouver

"I bring global experience to helping organizations manage the complexities of new and expanding transfer pricing requirements, prevent and respond to tax authority disputes and build value through effective and compliant transfer pricing strategies."

Francis Cloutier
Assurance, Montréal

"I bring an efficient and collaborative approach to helping companies manage complex accounting and business matters. By being responsive and addressing challenging issues early, I focus on delivering a smooth service experience."

Ted Cook
Tax, Ottawa

"Today's tax environment is characterized by uncertainty. I empower my clients to understand tax disputes and use principled approaches to prevent, manage and resolve those disputes. I also help my clients navigate ever-changing tax rules."

Manish Daftari
Tax, Toronto

"I help my clients by providing care and support for their employees as they navigate immigration laws and travel restrictions. I develop innovative strategies that help employees move, work and be reunited with their families."

Kelechi Enyinna
Assurance, Toronto

"I help companies build trust by enhancing compliance programs for internal control over financial reporting and through System and Organization Controls reports. I'm passionate about innovation and driving quality and efficiency through automation."

Korinna Fehrmann
Tax, Vancouver

"Whether they need help with complex matters like global tax reform or other international tax questions, I focus on working collaboratively with organizations to develop solutions for their underlying issues and offer guidance for the future."

Jennifer FitzGerald
Tax, Toronto

"My goal is to help companies structure, implement and manage their intercompany arrangements in a way that delivers value and meets their objectives."

Annie Gosselin
Tax, Montréal

"I bring value to my clients by helping them optimize their indirect tax processes so they can focus on other concerns. My goal is to build trusted relationships by listening to clients and bringing innovative solutions to their challenges."

Umang Handa
Consulting, Toronto

"I enable organizations to effectively manage cyber risk in light of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape by focusing on outcome-based cyber operations. This empowers organizations to explore new possibilities in business while being cyber resilient."

Dave Harris
Assurance, Toronto

"My team and I empower organizations to navigate the growing complexities of actuarial reporting, valuation and pricing across property and casualty insurance, pension and life insurance."

Gayle Hoey
Tax, Oakville

"I bring an open communication style that builds trust and a collaborative working relationship with my clients while focusing on practical and innovative solutions to their complex tax issues."

Alex Howieson
Tax, Toronto

"I aim to bring value to organizations by helping them simplify complex situations around tax reporting and structuring. I give them the advice and support they need to make sound decisions and focus their time on what matters most to them. "

Patrice Lalande
Tax, Montréal

"The global tax environment is getting more complex by the day. I help leaders achieve their business objectives by becoming their trusted business adviser and handling their tax situation - so they can focus on growing their business."

Matthew Lawrence
Consulting, Toronto

"I help leaders future-proof their organizations by reimagining their business and operating models. This better positions them to meet evolving client expectations and broader strategic and transformational objectives."

Joseph Lo
Deals, Toronto

"I support transformative growth, turnaround and value creation initiatives at public and private companies. I'm passionate about helping investors and portfolio companies apply an operator's lens to creating value across the deal life cycle."

Deirdre MacLeod
IFS, Oakville

"As General Counsel, I help PwC Canada navigate complex regulatory and legal matters in a constantly changing environment and support the firm in delivering on its purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems."

Tara Macpherson
Consulting, Toronto

"I'm privileged to help public safety agencies across Canada better serve their communities by optimizing their operations and improving the resilience of their workforce. This work impacts us all and is an important part of how we build trust in society."

Kim Maiatico
Tax, Oakville

"I help Canadian families with US connections, such as dual-citizen shareholders, navigate complex issues like cross-border tax matters, tax reform, wealth transfer and the changing dynamics of Canadian families."

Whitney Mayfield
Tax, Toronto

"I help organizations navigate the Canadian tax implications of an acquisition, disposition, reorganization or restructuring. We listen to their needs to make sure we develop the right tax structure to reduce inefficiencies, mitigate risks and unlock value."

Tim McCormick
Assurance, Ottawa

"As the federal government assurance leader, I bring a full suite of trust and transparency expertise and solutions to our public sector clients. My team and I help our clients solve some of the most complex issues facing Canadians."

Chris Moore
Consulting, Ottawa

"I help public safety organizations keep Canadians safe by digitizing their operations and transforming their workforce and workplace culture."

Tiffany Netupsky
Assurance, Toronto

"I’m passionate about helping clients improve their transparency, especially within today’s context of global uncertainty. I also support PwC Canada by empowering our people to navigate complex requirements as they deliver quality services to clients."

Aurelie Olives
Consulting, Oakville

"I focus on enabling business transformation using Workday cloud technology. By taking an integrated approach, I help organizations maximize the value of their finance, HR and planning technology investments."

Samantha Paisley
Consulting, Toronto

"I help my financial services clients navigate today's complex and changing world. I empower them to innovate in our continuously evolving capital markets to generate sustained outcomes."

Michael Palmer
Assurance, Toronto

"I help insurers make sound decisions and focus their time effectively. My team helps make sure they hold appropriate reserves and capital to fulfill the promises they've made to policyholders."

Ryan Pictor
Assurance, Toronto

"The evolution of technology, including the shift to the cloud and increased automation, brings new and complex operational and financial reporting risks. I help organizations identify and navigate these risks with practical tech-driven controls."

Philippe Pourreaux
Deals, Montréal

"I bring curiosity, business acumen, industry experience and a value creation framework to the relationships of trust I build with my clients. Together, we identify and develop innovative solutions to tackle key challenges and exciting opportunities."

Paulina Prokop
Assurance, Vancouver

"I’m passionate about getting valuable insights for my clients from their audit, and I’m proud to help organizations drive meaningful change by enabling digital transformation. I focus on projects that have a high impact for both my clients and our people."

Quillan Quarrington
Tax, Oakville

"I help families protect and manage their assets and family harmony by building and leading a team of world-class advisers specifically focused on that family’s unique needs."

Grant Redpath
Assurance, Oakville

"I focus on delivering value beyond the core audit by incorporating technology that simplifies the process, increases consistency, improves audit quality and brings new insights."

Michael Reystone
Consulting, Toronto

"Financial crime includes some of the worst criminal activities, like fraud or legitimizing proceeds of drug trafficking. Fighting financial crime with our clients can stop these activities from happening in the first place, resulting in benefits for us all."

Lisa Ryerson
Tax, Toronto

"I help my clients identify and reduce tax risks and exposures when considering transactions. I also help them proactively find tax planning opportunities to create tax-efficient structures aligned with their business strategy."

Sam Samod
Deals, Toronto

"In today’s digital economy, banks have to make decisions in milliseconds. The wrong move could lead to reputational and regulatory risks. I help organizations rethink their approach so they can prevent financial crimes in real time."

Jason Sartore
Tax, Montréal

"I practice in the area of Canadian corporate tax, helping organizations with complex restructurings and offering guidance to public and private companies on tax planning, acquisitions and financing matters."

Jamie Siu
Consulting, Calgary

"I focus on accelerating procurement transformation and implementing digital tools that are key to staying relevant in the market. By working with me, companies will deliver tangible benefits while improving efficiency of their procurement practices."

Michael Trakshinsky
Assurance, Calgary

"I'm passionate about trust, quality and innovation. I'm deeply committed to delivering proactive, practical and forward-looking assurance services and providing sound, reasoned technical advice to help my clients achieve their goals."

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