Meaningful connections with Ester Molina

For our Alumni boomerang spotlights series, we sat down with Ester Molina, who returned to PwC Canada in January 2023 after leaving in August 2022. Ester started her career at PwC Brazil before joining PwC US and then PwC Canada in 2018. Here Ester talks about having a meaningful and long-lasting connection to the firm and why it’s great to be back at PwC Canada.

Welcome back, Ester!

You’ve spent a significant amount of time building your career with PwC Canada. How does it feel to be back?

PwC is my home, and it feels amazing to be back here. I’ve been with PwC Canada since July 2018, and last year a competing firm offered me a great opportunity I decided to accept. While there, I got to work with a great team and clients, but it didn’t feel like home. After a couple of months, it was clear to me that PwC is actually where I belong. At the end of 2022, I reconnected with my old PwC colleagues, and they told me they wanted me back as much as I wanted to be back. And so here I am.

What brought you back to PwC Canada?

The culture and values of PwC are so ingrained in me that it feels like PwC is part of my DNA.

I’ve been with PwC for so long that I’ve built strong relationships here. The network and the team are amazing. Plus saying, “I am Ester Molina, from PwC” flows naturally, so coming back to PwC felt natural as well. 

I got to work with great people at the other firm, but the opportunities here at PwC work better for me. And that's what made me come back, as I feel valued and a part of PwC Canada. I also value the relationships and connections I’ve made throughout the years. I know I would have made those connections at the other firm too, but here, I had already established myself and built very solid connections.

Have there been any challenges since your return?

There haven’t been any challenges I can’t tackle with my team’s support. It's the general day-to-day work-related challenges that I feel safe to share with my teammates, and we tackle them by working together.

One of our core values at PwC Canada is to make a difference. How does working at PwC Canada allow you to make a difference, both professionally and personally?

Professionally in terms of network and connection, PwC is a very connected firm. Since I work for HR in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), being part of PwC allows me to easily connect with anyone throughout the firm or globally. It’s a great network of people, and this connectivity ensures we’re providing the best service globally to our clients. 

I returned for the work-life balance that I experienced at PwC, especially as a person who has a family and kids. I feel that PwC makes a real effort and is two steps ahead in actually providing a good balance in terms of work and lifestyle.

At PwC Canada, we focus on ensuring employees have the best experience possible by giving them meaningful rewards, meaningful connections, meaningful work and meaningful growth. Which of these speak to your experience at PwC Canada?

Meaningful connections internally and within the network stands out for me.

The PwC network is a well-oiled machine. We’ve been able to bring together the best group of people, who are highly competent and experts in market knowledge, both in Canada and globally. We have the most connected team: people who are experts in their fields and who are always willing to provide meaningful work to our clients.

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